10 Step Guide to Success Throughout the Event Lifecycle

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Group of individuals clapping and cheering at an eventThe meetings and events industry is constantly evolving and 2018 is shaping up to be a transformative year for event professionals everywhere. It’s no secret that we love to keep up with burgeoning event trends and technology. But the latest and greatest in event tech is only as good as its application. In order to truly deliver event ROI, we need to think about how technology fits into the attendee journey. Having a large toolset that can be managed through a dedicated event management software helps to streamline activities through all stages of the event lifecycle.

Aventri’s 10 Step infographic Guide to Success Throughout the Event Lifecycle


Before an Event 

We don’t need to tell you that preparation is everything when kicking off an event, and there’s a lot to think about. From souring venues and vendors to create an event website that has a simple and intuitive registration process, there’s no shortage of things to plan for. Fortunately, the right event management software can help ensure that you’re set up for success from the onset.

During an Event

In an Aventri 2016 global event planner survey, 42% of event professionals said onsite communication was their biggest concern during events. We took note and responded by integrating smart tags with our best in class event management software. From the moment an attendee checks in, they are provided with a smart tag that acts as a networking and communication device.

By tapping one tag to another, attendees can easily exchange information with colleagues. Not having to collect business cards makes networking a breeze. The tag unleashes powerful analytics and communication capabilities when paired with our mobile app. Event managers can send push notifications based on attendee location while presenters can activate live polling during their sessions.

After an Event

All of the data collected from smart tags and mobile apps is proven to be even more valuable after an event concludes. In our same global survey from 2016, 48.5% of event professionals reported that they managed event success by attendee satisfaction alone, but ROI is more than that. Our powerful event management software collects data across the entire suite of tools to arm event professionals with meaningful analytics, allowing them to better manager ROI and plan for the future.Whether you’re just starting out in the event world or are a seasoned veteran, it doesn’t hurt to make sure all you have everything you need to make to most out of your planning process.

Download “Your Event Essentials: The Digital Guide to Enhancing Meeting and Event Success” today, to make sure you’re covering all the bases to plan better meetings and events. Get specific tips on how to fully utilize each essential and learn why your most significant event technology investment may be software that manages it all.
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