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3 Ways Event Apps Take Your Trainings to The Next Level

Taylor Shaw |

3 business people huddle around a tablet screenGetting your employees to commit to a training can be a task in and of itself, let alone actually getting them to engage. More often than not, employees dread training sessions. Either they’d rather be working on other, more pressing tasks, or they simply feel like they’re a drag. Whatever the case may be, that attitude makes planning a training even more difficult. As a meeting planner, you need to find a way to keep your employees engaged enough that they learn what they need to learn, and to provide an enjoyable experience. That’s where today's event tech comes in.

If your trainings are still simplified down to basic Powerpoints and speakers, your training is probably begging for an upgrade—and your attendees might be, too. There are so many ways to incorporate technology into your training sessions to increase their value. Whether you’re aiming for a greater sense of unity, cohesion, understanding or knowledge, technological engagement is a tool at your disposal.

Incorporating a mobile app into your training sessions gives you the opportunity to personalize the training experience, as well as make it engaging. Check out these key ways your mobile app can enhance your next training session!

Calendar integrations

Many event mobile apps offer integrations that sync training sessions to an employee’s Google calendar with personalized notifications. These kinds of apps keep your training sessions on your employees’ radar, which is essential in the planning and implementing stage. The more often you (gently) remind your employees of the upcoming training, the more informed they’ll be, and the greater your chances are of high attendance numbers.

Interactive agendas and surveys

On top of the lead-up, a mobile app can give your employees a more accessible agenda, with the opportunity to select certain training sessions. This resource is especially helpful for large-scale trainings that last over a day, in which employees might have some required training sessions and other optional activities. Additionally, you can use your mobile app to eliminate the need for paper surveys, allowing employees to ask questions or provide feedback with efficiency and immediacy.

Mobile gamification

Training sessions have the potential to foster greater community, belonging and friendly competition in your employees. Utilizing scavenger hunts, games and live polling competitions though either apps or wearable Bluetooth technology can enhance your trainings by keeping your employees interacting with one another while they learn. Wearable technology can collect data and information at specific stations; get creative with your tech and make downloading the information into a competition. It can be difficult to keep your employees excited and energetic about learning in trainings, but friendly competition creates an atmosphere that encourages high performance, and incentivizes your employees to keep themselves attentive.

Investing in your employees’ trainings reminds them that you’re invested in their time. By providing a seamless and integrated training experience, you show your employees that you value them, and in turn, they’ll be far more satisfied with the event.

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This Post was Written by Taylor Shaw

Taylor is a summer marketing intern at Aventri. She is currently a rising senior at Fordham University, where she studies English and Marketing. On campus, she is the managing editor of The Fordham Ram, the university’s 100-year-old newspaper. She...

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