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3 Ways to Improve Your Event with Your Gamified Mobile Event App Data

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

gamification dataSo, you use gamification in your mobile event app to consistently capture your attendee’s attention. But are you using utilizing the data mobile gamification gives you?

Analyzing the data generated from gamifying your mobile event app can help you answer questions you have about your events (Who are my attendees? What sessions are the most interesting? etc.). By answering these questions, you can continually improve your meetings and events and connect better with attendees.

Learn how utilizing your gamification mobile event app data can help you answer your event questions and improve your future events.

Who Are Your Attendees?


In addition to using your mobile event app data to discover who showed up to your event and sessions, you can analyze the gamification techniques, like social media photo contests, to understand who your attendees are. Analyzing the social media gamification data can help you understand attendee’s engagement and impressions of your event and maintain a relationship with them after your event.

Your mobile gamification data can also help you learn who your attendees connected with and what sessions they were the most interested in. Based on this, you can offer attendees product or content recommendations after your event in addition to recommending future seminars and program suggestions that they may be interested in.

Not only does this data help you add a personalized feel to your engagement with your attendees, but it helps you plan better for future events.

What Sessions Are the Most Valuable?


Believe it or not, polls and surveys can be used for gamification, especially if it’s to earn digital badges for participation and engagement leaderboards. Using the mobile event app data from the polls and surveys you asked your attendees during your event, you can discover what topics attendees found the most interesting and which sessions received the most engagement. This data can help you discover which sessions you should include in your next event and which sessions to replace. Doing this will help drive the profitability both for your attendees and you at your next event.

You can also leverage this session data to sponsors. Knowing what sessions and booths your attendees engaged with and which your sponsors are interested in, you can connect the sponsors to the attendees that will provide them with the most potential value and opportunity. 

What Booths Were Most Visited?


If you implemented a gamification technique, like a scavenger hunt, to increase booth traffic at your event, you can analyze this data to understand the flow of attendee traffic. Not only will the data show information like the most popular booth, “traffic jams,” and what attendees attended what sessions, but also you can learn how the attendee engaged with the booth (e.g. How long the attendee stayed). This information is integral to improving the flow of your future event floor and determining what booths to should be included at your next event.


Overall, cumulating and analyzing the gamification data from your mobile event app will allow you not only to understand how your event did, but will allow you to drive profitability for your future events.


Are you analyzing your gamification data? Are you using any of our tips? Let us know by commenting below!

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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