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4 Ideas on How to Use Your Mobile Event App for Your Next Sales Kickoff

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

kick offSales kickoffs are an ideal way to establish your teams’ priorities while building trust and boosting morale. But how can you find the balance between learning and engagement at your sales kickoff? How do you ensure your team walks away with the necessary key learnings and a lasting good impression? A mobile event app may be the answer.

Learn how these four mobile event app ideas and tricks can improve your next sales kickoff.

Top 4 Mobile Event App Ideas & Tricks for Your 2020 Sales Kickoff


1. Personalized Push Notifications

By integrating a mobile event app into your next sales kickoff, you can motivate and fuel your team’s excitement before, during, and after your kickoff. Some mobile event apps allow you to send personalized push notifications to users. You can tease them about upcoming activities and event speakers, send them session reminders, and more. Not only do push notifications allow you to reiterate important information to your team, but they also help your attendees feel more informed and connected with you throughout the entire event.

2. Gamification & Activity Feeds

A challenge all meeting, and event planners face is consistently capturing attendees’ attention throughout an event. With the help of mobile event apps, you can gamify your next sales kickoff and increase your team’s engagement. For instance, some mobile event apps have activity streams that users can share general announcements, pictures, videos, and others can like and comment on them. During your sales kickoff, in addition to encouraging your team to share on social media, you can hold a photo-sharing contest on the activity feed of your app. This is a great way to increase attendee engagement, encourage friendly competition, and generate marketing content.

3. Polling & Surveying

Attendee survey feedback information is always important to planners. Using a mobile event app at your sales kickoff, you can use pre-event surveys to build excitement for your event and ask your team who they would like to hear from, what topics should be discussed, and more. During the sales kickoff, event polling can be used during sessions to ensure that your team understands the main session takeaways. After your event, you can use your mobile event app to send out post-event surveys and ask attendees to rate sessions, so you can improve your event for the future. By collecting feedback at every stage of the sales kickoff lifecycle, you not only encourage attendee learning, but also gather more personalized attendee information that can be used to better tailor their experience in the future.

4. Networking Ideas

Depending on what mobile event app you choose, your app may offer a networking, matchmaking feature. Using registrant’s data, your mobile event app will connect like-minded attendees at your sales kickoff, so your sales team can connect with partners, speakers, and even global team members at your kickoff. They will be able to messages each other in the app and even schedule individual appointments, all using the event app.

Do you use a mobile event app for your sales kickoffs? What do you think of these four mobile event app ideas for your next sales kickoff? What’s your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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