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5 Tech Solutions to Take Your Events to the Next Level

Patty Meister |

5 Tech Solutions to Take Your Events to the Next LevelAre you plugged into all the latest and greatest event tech and service providers?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone.

Event technology changes at near-lightning speed. Like most planners, no doubt you’re stretched thin. Who has time to carefully evaluate the tsunami of options?


Here to help, the Aventri Marketplace is a new portal on the Aventri platform that gives customers quick access to premium event service and tech providers. Marketplace partners go through rigorous vetting. You can be sure each solution is top-notch, easy to deploy and compatible with the Aventri platform.

This curated list features solutions to streamline planners’ workload and enhance the attendee experience. Here are just a few that can be found in the Aventri Marketplace.

Answer FAQs in an Instant

EventBotsEventBots are transforming the way we communicate with attendees. These AI-powered solutions deliver answers to event FAQs through messaging channels like SMS text or web messenger. Attendees get answers immediately, without the hassle of sorting through emails, searching a website or downloading documents.

Imagine all the time you could save by automating answers to common questions like these (and hundreds, even thousands, more):

  • Where should I park?
  • What’s the Wi-Fi password?
  • Where is registration?
  • Can I get gluten-free meals?
  • What’s today’s schedule?

EventBots are super-effective and easy to set up – built primarily from content you’ve already created. They’re a welcome extension to your onsite team, freeing up staff during peak times.

Gain Control Over Room Blocks

MeetingmaxMeetingmax helps event and meeting organizers take control over every aspect of event room blocks, in real time, with easy web-based access. Using this specialized housing software, planners can easily control inventory, manage changes and pull detailed reports.

Meetingmax improves the attendee booking experience helping to increase reservations inside the block. No more toggling between platforms! The solution integrates seamlessly with Aventri Registration. Attendees move directly from registering for events to booking accommodations.

Meetingmax streamlines the process for both single- and multi-property events. From a single screen, attendees can quickly:

  • Explore housing options
  • View amenities
  • Compare rates
  • Book reservations
  • Make special requests
  • Change reservations
  • And more

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Simplify Check-in and Badging

Aventri BadgeNowAventri’s BadgeNow is a “plug-‘n-print” check-in and badge printing kit that’s shipped directly to your event. The equipment is pre-configured. And it fits neatly in a reusable shipping box.

Everything you need is right there in the package, including badge stock. Just plug in BadgeNow and start checking in attendees and printing out badges. After the event, pack the printer into the box and ship it back - return shipping label included. BadgeNow works seamlessly with any Aventri check-in method. It’s that easy.

Create Robust Session Engagement

Array by Educational MeasuresWant to create dynamic, engaging meetings with lasting impact? Array® by Educational Measures lets you create immersive, interactive experiences for audiences inside the meeting room. Participants interact with content and presentations up-close and in real-time, on a tablet or second screen.

When entering a session, attendees receive a tablet loaded with Array. Through a simple interface and more than 25 engagement tools, participants can:

  • Respond to live polls and surveys
  • Save and take notes directly on the presentation
  • Ask and answer presenter questions
  • Rate slides and speakers
  • Play fun games that enhance learning

The Array platform captures every click and action, from scoring slides to taking notes. With built-in analytics, organizers can analyze engagement data and gain insights to deliver targeted event follow-up and improve future content. Array turns distracted or passive attendees into engaged, involved participants, adding value to every meeting.

Grow Registrations Effortlessly

Social media is crucial for driving event attendance. InGo takes this a step further with their award-winning event growth software that combines the attendee’s and exhibitor’s social media platforms with the event registration process.


How? Attendees and exhibitors register using their social credentials, saving time and reducing hassle by pre-populating known data fields. The registration process encourages social sharing from the start, allowing attendees to seamlessly post to their platforms and send email invites with just one click.

Most importantly, registrants are shown which of their network connections are also attending. InGo automatically sends “Who’s In” emails to attendees when network connections also register. This creates buzz around the show, encouraging attendees to send more personal invites and plan career advancing meet ups during the show itself.

Through word-of-mouth marketing, a method 3x more effective than traditional marketing, InGo empowers attendees to become authentic event advocates. In other words, InGo allows attendees to do the marketing for you.

The InGo team ensures an effortless integration with the show’s existing registration process, making InGo an easy yet essential tool for any event organizer.

Aventri Marketplace

More details about these and other solutions are available in Aventri Marketplace, accessible to customers within our platform.

Click here to download the Onsite: Optimizing the Attendee Journey eBook

This Post was Written by Patty Meister

Patty is the Senior Hospitality Marketing Manager at Aventri. Her focus is on developing the go to market strategy for Aventri venue sourcing solutions. Additionally, she manages the marketing efforts for the company's partner channel. Patty has...

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