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6 Ways to Use Apps to Get People Networking at Your Event

Taylor Lorusso |

6 Ways to Use Apps to Get People Networking at Your EventWhile people often attend meetings and events in order to learn something new in their industry, many have one important goal in mind: to network. In fact, according to Event Manager Blog, 82% of event planners say networking is their attendees' top priority of their event, followed by learning (71%) and entertainment (38%). But networking is easier said than done, so it’s a planner's job to help make it as simple and effective as possible for their attendees.

It’s no surprise that mobile event apps have become a dominant force in the realm of networking and attendee engagement in recent years. Given the volume of people on mobile devices today, it’s important for companies to capitalize on gaining content visibility and maximizing networking opportunities. Luckily, today's event tech, like Aventri’s Mobile Event App, includes an easy-to-use, feature-packed app with a unique blend of information, engagement and interaction attributes that help facilitate networking at an event. Here are some top features that do just that:

Attendee Lists

Publishing an attendee list on your event website and integrating it in your event app is a way to initiate interaction. Another way to enhance networking is to link each listing to an attendee's respective LinkedIn profile. Provide them with the option to opt-in for these networking opportunities during the registration process. It's important to maintain a level of privacy with your attendees’ information, so do not publish their phone numbers or email addresses.

Direct Messaging

Speaking of privacy, how many customers would prefer to communicate via text than via phone? Direct messaging has created an instant communication stream that helps people connect in many new ways. Set up a centralized messaging center that enables attendees and exhibitors with common interests to engage with one another.

1-to-1 Matchmaking

Matchmaking can be done prior to or during the event itself, but either way, this event mobile app feature is the best tool to keep networking organized for your attendees while onsite. Based on demographics and/or questions asked upon registration, the matchmaking feature creates individual lists of like-minded people for attendees to connect with onsite. This list can be found conveniently in their app, and attendees can send a short, private message to other attendees to see if they would like to connect in person prior to or during the event.

Floor Plan

Once attendees make connections with each other, planners can make it easy for them to find locations to physically meet up right in the app by providing designated meeting places for networking on an event floor plan. Having an interactive floor plan of your event’s layout in your app is a simple, but effective tool to help attendees and sponsors alike plan their schedules and make the most of their time at your event. It’s important to consider the amount of detail when creating your floor plan widget. The key is to keep it informative, but not busy and overwhelming.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some social media platforms that can be integrated into your app. Giving attendees access to all of this not only keeps the conversation organized and up to date in one place, but also allows for event information and engagement to be easily shared on any of the integrated platforms.

Digital Badges

In combination with your feature-rich mobile app, digital badges can be a huge asset to any event. Make it simple for attendees to exchange contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.) by utilizing digital badges. The key is to find digital badge technology that works with your event mobile app. That way, attendees can review their event history and control their badge directly from their smartphone.

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This Post was Written by Taylor Lorusso

Taylor is an intern at Aventri.

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