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7 Corporate Event Marketing Ideas That You Should Try This 2019

Kristen Carvalho |

7 Corporate Event Marketing Ideas That You Should Try This 2019When it comes to marketing your brand and creating awareness, nothing beats a live event.

80% of marketers believe that live events are crucial to their company's success. With everything but the kitchen sink going digital nowadays, why on earth are live events still kicking?

Diagram showing that the majority of marketers (80%) believe live events are critical to their company’s success.

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The answer is simple.

Events allow people to make real, in-person connections in an ever-encroaching digital world.

Let's take a closer look at what live events can do:

  • Brands and audiences create deep and lasting connections.
  • Live events offer attendees an immersive brand experience.
  • Events produce more quality leads.
  • A live event builds brand awareness and fosters loyalty.
  • Enhanced relationships between customers and brands happen face-to-face.
  • Live events offer the best chance of converting prospects into paying customers.

Here are some creative corporate event marketing ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Immersive Experience Rooms

Flex your creative muscles and set up an immersive room on your next event. Let attendees soak up the experience of an interactive room full of activities. The only limit here is your imagination, but please align activities with your brand.


  • Branded Theme Rooms: attendees can create their brand of art on the walls using anything they find inside. Each room should showcase a different product and experience.
  • Escape Room: a themed room where guests need to solve puzzles and work together to escape.
  • Interactive Room: attendees can interact with anything inside the room and get rewards for performing an activity. If you’re selling blenders or health equipment, think of a stationary bike that powers a blender that makes fruit shakes.

2. Use the Fun Theory

People are more likely to do something when it's fun. Why not integrate a fun activity when people least expect it? Take this perfect example of fun theory in action. Volkswagen did something fun, and they were able to change behavior at the same time. With the piano staircase, more people took the stairs rather than the escalator.

YouTube statistics on the video: viral growth

Youtube stats on the video

3. Do Something Daring

Think outside of the box and do something that no one has ever done before. Partner with an extreme athlete and break some records while broadcasting it live. Choose a stunt that speaks your brand's language.


  • Partner with an ultra-marathon runner and aim to break a distance record.
  • Seek out a real-life Spider-Man to climb the tallest structure or cliff.
  • Get in touch with someone insane enough to break this record.

4. Socially Responsible Events

One of the best ways to connect and form a close bond with the community is by being socially responsible. There are plenty of issues that need attention, from saving the planet to world hunger. Choose one and set up a corporate presence that is conscious and relevant. Again, try to make things interactive to keep people engaged.

5. Poppin' Pop-Up Booths

Pop-ups have been around for ages. What's excellent about pop-ups is that you can go where the people are. However, pop-up booths have been historically boring. Your mission is to make your booth as fun and engaging as possible. To make your event even more successful, track your data with event management software.


  • Use environmentally conscious materials like bamboo and driftwood.
  • Try something different, such as an all-cardboard booth.
  • Make a pop-up that's a scale model of your brand. Think a giant phone or a working kitchen.
  • Add an interactive element that can attract and engage attendees.

6. Aspirational Marketing

If you aim to change perceptions along with behavior, you need to punch above your weight. Offer something that people only aspire to experience, like an activity that's hard to get or something super expensive. Guinness nailed it with this marketing campaign.

7. Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and VR

Use technological advancements to your advantage by using AI, VR, and robots. People are curious and will gravitate towards anything high tech.


  • Instead of a person, set up an AI-powered chatbot that can answer all sorts of questions attendees may have.
  • Use VR to showcase your brand by creating a short, interactive movie. You can also set up an interactive activity that lets guests control one of your products.
  • Use drones to get fantastic aerial shots of your event and display them live on a big screen.


Live events are the real deal.

However, why isn't everybody throwing a party? Well, the main goal of a marketing event isn't throwing a party – it's about changing behavior.

Alternatively, as EMI's Event Track Study puts it:

"72% percent of consumers say they positively view brands that provide great experiences".

The best way to do this is by letting attendees experience your brand and culture. To do this, you need to go big, aim high, and set realistic expectations. Your event has to be in line with what your brand is all about and what you want to achieve.

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This Post was Written by Kristen Carvalho

Kristen Carvalho joined Aventri's Marketing team in November 2013. Over the last 4 years she has been a part of the content and events team, and is now the company’s Director of Events & Content Marketing. She is responsible for the company's event...

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