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7 Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

female wearing a yellow shirt placing money into a pink piggy bankWhether you’re looking to host an internal or external fundraising event, it’s always important to find unique, engaging, and effective ways to collect donations and excite attendees. Although 54 percent of fundraising donors report preferring to donate online, live fundraising events are still integral to generating donations and buzz. To help planners generate a engaging, data-driven successful fundraiser we’ve created a list of the top seven ideas for your next fundraiser.


1. Get Creative with Your Emails

large email notification icon on laptop screen

Did you know that only 24 percent of fundraising emails are opened? Why? Because people’s inboxes are bombarded with emails today, hundreds to be more specific. But fundraisers report that 28 percent of all online fundraising revenue was generated by email marketing campaigns. So how can you stand out among all the other messages in people’s inboxes? We’ve come up with a few tactics.

3 Easy Email Marketing Enhancements

1. Add a human touch: Instead of using a no-reply sender, use a real email address, like the person in charge of the fundraiser event.

2. Personalization: If you’re using a marketing automation tool to send your emails, you can insert small personalization details, like people’s names. Research shows that adding this small detail (e.g. Dear John Doe) leads to increased opens and click rates over saying “Dear Attendee”.

3. Use photos and videos: Incorporating photos and videos into your fundraising emails can not only make the email more visually appealing, but they also help increase traffic to your event registration page by 80 percent.

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2. Team Up with a Local School or University  

2 of Aventi’s BDR’s pose after completing pushups and raising awareness for pushforentrepreneurship.com

If you’re looking to expand your fundraiser’s audience or looking for a unique venue that will attract a larger crowd, consider reaching out to a local school or university. Universities hold fundraiser events consistently, whether it’s to raise money for the school or local community. You can team up with your local university to host a co-fundraiser event.

Aventi's North America BDR’s pose on yoga mats after completing pushups and raising awareness for pushforentrepreneurship.com

Aventri worked with and attended Fairfield University’s Push Up for Entrepreneurship Challenge. Attendees had to complete as many push-ups as possible in two hours and all proceeds raised were donated to the Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC).

3. Get Active  

A group of runners posing after running in a fundraiser that promotes wellness by pushing participants to get active

Since wellness is a trend for events in 2020, host a fundraiser that promotes wellness by pushing participants to get active. In the past, Aventri has hosted or participated in wellness fundraiser events like the CT Bike Ride, Ride for Rations, 10k Marathons, Neon Run, Tough Mudders, and more.

Planners can also incorporate these five wellness ideas into their next fundraiser event:

1. Choose a venue that promotes wellness, like an outdoor venue space.

2. Offer meditation or yoga as part of your fundraiser event.

3. Feature healthy or local food and drink options at your fundraiser event.

4. Use your mobile event app to send healthy tips of the day to fundraiser attendees.

5. Encourage fundraiser attendees to be more mindful or aware by setting time aside during your event for meditation.


4. Utilize Social Media

social media apps on iPhone

Did you know 99 percent of all nonprofit’s fundraising revenue was generated on Facebook? Or that 57 percent of all online fundraising traffic to campaign pages is driven by social media?

As most planners know, social media is a powerful and effective marketing tool for events, including fundraising. So, ensure you utilize social media as a communication tool to inspire your followers to donate and attend your fundraiser event.

To help you succeed, we’ve curated a list of the top ways to utilize social media for your next fundraiser event.

1. Create an event page on Facebook that is specific to your fundraiser and invite all your Facebook friends to join the event.

2. Host livestream interviews to promote your event and livestream parts of your fundraising event to maximize fundraising donations and audience reach. Research has shown that live fundraising raises 150 percent more than non-live streamed fundraisers.

3. Use social media platforms to foster a community before, during, and after your event. You can answer attendees’ questions about your event and show that you care by addressing their needs or concerns.

4. Although this may sound simple, make sure that you identify the peak times to post your content on each platform. Social media platform insights, like Instagram insights, will identify for you the best posting time based on your audiences’ activity. Use this to ensure your followers see your fundraising content.


5. Host F&B Centered Fundraisers  

Aventri’s fundraising ice cream social event designed to raise money for local charities

Some of the best connections during events happen over food and drink. So why not host a fundraising event that is centered on food and beverage? In the past, Aventri has hosted fundraising events like food and bake drives, dinner fundraisers, and ice cream socials to raise money for local charities.

If you want to host a F&B fundraiser event, be sure to check out a few of the top statistics that event planners need to know around the food and beverage industry.

3 Interesting F&B Statistics Planners Should Know

1. Avoid Sugar: Over 50 percent  of people report that they try to avoid eating sugar and 71 percent say they want to eat healthier. So instead of serving your fundraiser attendees sugary foods and desserts, try to offer some healthier options.

2. Cater from a local, environmental-friendly venue: Research shows that 51 percent of people say they would choose a restaurant that offered environmentally friendly food over another and 61 percent of respondents said that they would choose locally sourced food over another restaurant.

3. Offer meat and vegan options for attendees: Although the Golden Globes this year choose to go vegan, meat is still the most popular source of protein for attendees, at 78 percent. So be sure you have some meat options, like carving stations, for attendees.

Food and Beverage Tips_CTA1


6. Use a Mobile Event App  

A group of individuals sitting around a table holding their mobile phones in their hands

Incorporating a mobile event app into your fundraising event is essential in collecting donations from attendees. With a mobile event app, planners can send personalized push notifications or pop-up messages that encourage attendees to donate. Not only does using a mobile event app allow planners to conveniently remind and encourage attendees to donate before, during, and after the fundraising event, but the mobile app also can be used to collect donations.


7. Give Back to Local Charities  

Aventri team members posing in front of toys and other donations that they were given to a local charity


Looking for a theme for your next fundraising event? Why not give back to your community by choosing a local charity to give your donations to. In the past Aventri has held internal fundraising events, like food, coat, and toy drives and gave the donations to a local charity. You can ask a representative of the charity to come and speak directly to attendees at your fundraising event. Not only do the local charities greatly appreciate the donations, but people also like to give back and help the local area.


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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

Kaitlyn Tatulli is a graduate from Fairfield University with majors in Digital Journalism and Psychology and minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Computer Science. Currently, she is receiving her MFA from Fairfield University. Kaitlyn...

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