7 Ways to Convert Attendees with Your Event Registration Website

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Register Here Concept. Modern Laptop and Different Office Supply on Wooden Desktop background.All event planners want to convert prospective attendees to register for their event. But how do you increase event attendance? If you’re using a fully integrated event management software platform, the answer is you can increase attendee conversion with your event registration website.

But how do you build your event registration website to convert attendees? What are the top event registration website tips and tricks? Check out the seven ways on how to build an event registration website that will convert your attendees.


Top 7 Ways to Use Your Event Registration Website to Convert Attendees


1. Create a User-Friendly, Clean Registration Website

When designing a registration website for your event, you want to ensure that your site is not only personalized with your brand, but that it is also clean and easy to use. For instance, to create an easy registration process for your attendees and increase conversions, only ask attendees the most important questions. Not only will this save attendees time and register them more quickly for your event, but it will also increase their satisfaction since fewer questions means a fewer number forms they have to fill out.


2. Create Ticket Types

To create urgency and convert attendees, you can create different ticket types with different prices. For instance, you can group tickets by group size and offer special promotions, or by date (e.g. Early bird special, regular, and last call). Grouping tickets like this is an easy way to promote urgency and conversion while creating buzz around your event.


3. Integrate Optimized Call to Action Buttons

A more traditional, but still effective way when used properly to convert attendees with your event registration website is through call to actions. Call to actions or CTA’s that are focused on converting your attendees on your event registration website should be clear and include the word “register” on the button. The CTA should make it clear that if they want to register for your event all they have to do is click this button. An unoptimized, confusing CTA button will only prevent attendees from registering for your event.


4. Make the Event Agenda Visible

Another easy way to entice, tease, excite, and convert attendees with your event registration website is by making the event agenda visible on your site. By simply sharing your event’s program with potential attendees you can excite attendees and answer any questions they may have about sessions or speakers.

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5. Integrated Payment Option

Integrations are key when it comes to your event registration page, specifically payment integrations. Being able to integrate multiple payment gateways that support different types of global currencies is essential for attendees to feel comfortable sharing their payment information with you and solidifying the event registration process.


6. Personalize “Cart Abandonment”

Some event management software platforms allow you to see who abandoned their cart and didn’t complete registration for your event. With this information, you can reach out to these individuals and remind them to complete registration or ask them if they need help. Doing this will help restart the even registration process with potential attendees.


7. Analyze Your Event Registration Page’s Conversion Rate

Using the analytical tools from your fully integrated event management software platform or using a tool like Google Analytics, you can calculate your event registration page’s conversion rate. How many people are who visit your website are registering for your event? How many visitors do not register for your event? With this information, you can re-strategize your registration page, make edits, and continually monitor your registration website to track conversion rates.


What do you think of these seven ways to convert attendees with your event registration website? Have you used any of these tactics? Did we miss any? Let us know by commenting below!

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