Amazing Aventrians: Arizona State University Launches ASU For You

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Options for every learner, at any age. ASU For YouWhile the coronavirus outbreak is a time filled with anxiety and uncertainty, many are finding silver linings in the people and organizations who are doing what they can to help each other during such a difficult time.

It's why we want to share what one awesome Aventri client is doing to keep learners of all ages around the world on track during the weeks and months of potential lockdowns initiated by the virus.

Launched by Arizona State University, ASU for You is an online resource that provides valuable learning tools and materials in one place to meet learners where they are, both in terms of physical location and educational needs. The program is available for everyone both in and outside the ASU community, a point that University President Michael M. Crow mentioned in a letter announcing the initiative.

"The spread of COVID-19 may necessitate changes in the way we learn, but it does not change our desire to continue learning or the importance of doing so," President Crow said. "I encourage you to share these resources with your colleagues, family and friends – anyone who you think can take advantage of these tools."

Not only is ASU a longtime client of Aventri's, but our Chief Technology Officer Shane Edmonds is one of many proud alumni working for the company.

"Access to education resources is vitally important and should be a human right," Shane says. "Kudos to my alma mater Arizona State University for offering the ASU for You program, especially during this time of instability and unease over one's future."

ASU For You websiteThe ASU For You website includes many learning tools at no cost for a variety of learners including:

  • K-12 Students: Virtual field trips, library access, video lessons, labs and simulations.
  • Teachers & Parents: Badge and certificate programs in areas such as health and well-being, smart cities and environmental science, tutoring, online courses and training videos.
  • Higher Ed: Courses to earn college credit.

Resources like ASU For You have been welcomed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak for several reasons, especially for working parents who now have the added challenge of schooling children at home while lockdown procedures are in place. Aventri's Camarin Wanamaker, who is ASU's customer success manager, certainly understands that challenge as she is a parent who works remotely from Washington state, one of the areas hit the hardest by the pandemic in the US.

"Having to homeschool my three kids, aged 6 to 14, for the next six weeks is daunting, but made a lot easier with reliable tools like these," Camarin explains. "I even shared the ASU for You website with our principal and teachers, because it's applicable for educators, parents and learners of all ages."

Kate Thompson, ASU's Aventri account manager, was impressed by the university's decision to accelerate the ASU For You program to help others during the pandemic. She says: "ASU’s commitment to community and education is consistent, even during the unimaginable spread of the coronavirus. In recognizing the impact this pandemic has had on so many, they quickly expedited the launch of this awesome resource for online learning. I am honored and proud to call ASU our client and partner!"

ASU For You will be updated regularly with new resources and tools and is currently available for free for everyone around the world, both in and outside the ASU community. For more information, visit

If you're an Aventri customer helping others during the coronavirus outbreak, we'd love to feature your story on the blog! Email for more information.

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