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Aventri Product Updates for Q1 2020

Kristen Carvalho |

Aventri product updatesThe industry is going through one of its most challenging times to date. With events getting postponed, people scrambling to move their events virtual, and juggling the at home work life, it's nice to have something to rely on. At Aventri, we are trying to be just that by continuing to bring you our product updates from the last quarter.

We are committed to supporting all of our clients and the industry during this time. While we added new virtual partners to meet the needs of event planners, we are still continuing to build upon our solid foundation at Aventri. Below you will find some of the biggest releases to the Aventri platform and suite over Q1. We are not only dedicated to finding new solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the products that we have already to meet your expectations today. 

To learn more about these updates, visit our Product Updates Webpage.

New Products

Check-In — Aventri Aloha & BadgeNow

Aventri Aloha, the easy-to-use, seamless iPad check-in appWe’re excited to announce that Aventri Aloha, the easy-to-use, seamless iPad check-in app, fully integrated with Aventri registration,  is now available for purchase.

What’s new about Aventri Aloha?

  • Aventri Aloha can be used in both admin and kiosk mode, allowing onsite staff to check attendees in, or giving attendees the option to do it themselves by inputting personal information or scanning a QR code.
  • Aventri Aloha supports offline check-in and printing after initial network setup and sync are complete.
  • Aventri Aloha provides greater flexibility when it comes to editing attendee records, controlling security and user permissions and handling group check-ins.

BadgeNow + Aventri Aloha! 
Aloha and BadgeNow, complement each other in fulfilling the need for quick and easy check-in and badge printing. BadgeNow has gone through an upgrade with iPad touchscreens and the Aloha app pre-installed. 


How Do You Get Started?
To see exactly how easy it is to get up and running with badge printing onsite,check-out this short video. The solution is also now also available for events within Australia. Please reach out to your Account Manager or the Aventri Sales Team for more information.

Product Updates


event registration websiteApproval Based on Attendee’s Responses to Questions
We have expanded our Approvals workflows to allow planners to approve, decline, or review registrants based on how registrants respond to questions during registration.  If you have complex review and approval processes for your events, you can now further control who has access to what events. 

Translations and Language Changes on Hotel Widget
Our new hotel widget now supports translations and customizing standard language. Text appearing within the new hotel widget can now be customized via language and wording allowing planners to support multiple languages and create more customized workflows using our new hotel workflows.

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM)

Internal Notes Added to Meeting Registration and Venue Sourcing
With useful features such as, time and date stamping, commenting author and modification tracking, the new internal notes feature is a convenient method for cross-functional planning team members to collaborate and document details about the meeting/event.

Venue Sourcing External User Selection
This feature within Venue Sourcing is a shareable bid summary that can be sent to a meeting owner to review detailed bids, including meeting costs and concession savings, and then permits the recipient to easily select a property and submit a venue selection decision. 

Source different Venue RFP Types in one Sourcing Meeting
Planners can now easily configure RFP versions to source different RFP Types of meetings – space-only, in addition to space + guest rooms resulting in an improved and more robust bid evaluation tool.

Venue Sourcing Cost Comparison
Sourcing planners can now compare multiple bids in a comprehensive view. It is an additional resource enabling sourcing planners to make the most cost-effective decision when evaluating property bids and provides insight into how varying combinations of bids, across venue types and locations, can meet their needs.

My Company Activity Update - Complete Bid History Visibility 
The ‘My Company Activity’ venue sourcing feature has been expanded to provide visibility into active bids at each property.  The update provides sourcing users an opportunity to identify early in the sourcing process, where other team members are actively engaging with the same property to drive more bundled meetings at a specific property, and as a result, greater savings to the organization.

Track & Apply Credits due to Cancellations in Venue Sourcing
This new feature helps to mitigate financial loss by providing centralized visibility into properties that have a credit towards a future booking and allows sourcing planners to redeem credits before they expire. 

Meeting Request Audit Log
An Audit Log providing visibility into changes made to Meeting Request records, including the date and user that edited the request.  Among some of the benefits, the feature provides the transparency and information to enable users to: comply with corporate or industry regulations and troubleshoot issues or correct data errors with efficiency.

Aventri's mobile UI/UX Platform UpdatesMobile App

News Module
The News Module has undergone UI updates to better fit the Aventri look & feel. This module is also now able to embed Facebook and Instagram feeds.

New Mobile UI/UX Platform Updates
Updates have been made to the mobile app UI based on the Aventri look & feel. UX updates were also made to improve overall usability and reduce the complexity of setting up events within the mobile app.



New Integration - Hubspot
We've added a new marketing automation integration with Hubspot. HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Registration data can be synced and used in Hubspot for:

  • Creating and updating contact records
  • Adding contacts to static lists to allow for customer segmentation
  • Associating contacts with a company
  • Posting registration actions into each a contact’s Hubspot timeline, including: agenda & option selections, registration status, event check-in and session check-in.

API Enhancement for Large Data Set Reports
You can now use the get Reports function to query the contents of custom registration reports with large data sets. We’ve introduced pagination that’ll improve the performance of your custom integrations. 

Lead Status No Longer Updated in Salesforce
We’ve made an important improvement to the way we update the Lead object in Salesforce. Leads will be created in Salesforce, but the lead status will no longer be updated for attendee's registration and campaign member's status. 

Onsite Solutions

Aloha full service Kiosk check-in

Check-In (Full Service):
A new web check-in application has been released for mid-large size event markets that includes a simplified event setup with a high degree of customization and flexibility. Integrated with the entire AES solutions stack, registration data can be pulled directly from Aventri or any external third party system.


The functionalities of all event-specific lead monitoring dashboards have been merged into a single product. Phase 1 is complete: the permissions and framework has been expanded to widen the product footprint to encompass not just leads but all onsite data (sessions, printing, check-in, etc.). 

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Portal (Full Service):
The rollout of new UI and controls throughout the backend is almost complete, the public side is next in Q2. New finance and unreturned equipment reports have been added. The acquisition of internal lead data has been enhanced for greater detail and flexibility. A new utility has been created to allow Exhibitors access to full data from their sponsored sessions in their portal accounts.

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