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Aventri's Quarterly Content Wrap-Up: Event Intelligence, Optimizing the Attendee Journey & More

Lauren Mumford |

WrapupAt Aventri, not only are we proud to offer our clients the top event management software solution, but to also be considered an industry thought leader. It's why we work hard throughout the year to provide insights to today's meeting and event planners through blog posts, interviews, ebooks, guides, videos and more. Learn what content pieces from the last three months were the most popular


SKIFT: The Events Industry Has a Blind Spot When It Comes to Attendee Engagement

With the explosive growth and innovation happening in digital technology, it has become easy to track the behavior of event attendees in a way never possible before. Badges and wristbands embedded with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even radio frequency can provide rich data about how successful an event is. Most event organizers and venues have not yet embraced these technologies, however. The reason for this is pretty simple: Collecting and analyzing the data is a big investment, and many of these metrics are so new, there are no industry standards or best practices to make sense of the numbers. “People are aware of this technology,” said Michael Burns, head of sales and marketing for Aventri, an event planning and technology platform. “But like any new technology, there’s the standard adoption curve. And we’re still in early adopter phase.” Read more.

EXHIBITION NEWS: Is Facial Recognition Ready for the Big Time?

Is facial recognition ready for prime time at events? My Aventri colleague Ivan Lazarev, global head of experiential solutions, thinks so: “The technology holds tremendous promise for trade shows and events. We’ve validated dozens of facial recognition engines, some with excellent results, others with problems. “The key to success is to match up three essentials: great cameras and lighting, processing power and facial recognition engine.” As this innovative technology gains traction in our personal and professional lives, attendees will start expecting it at events. So, I’d like to point out three big trends and explain how to reap the benefits and avoid the unique challenges of facial recognition for events. Read more.

CEOWORLD: Experiential Marketing Trends To Look For In 2020

According to research from Aventri, two-thirds of experiential events are free but one-third of attendees pay a ticket fee to enter a brand experiential event and that number is increasing. There are a few common themes that must be present in order for an attendee to want to pay for the experiential marketing event. An event must be exclusive, meaning it’s only available for a short time-period or the event has a low number of attendees permitted. Also, an event must be instagrammable. The brand must set-up memorable backdrops, props, keepsakes, and the lighting must be perfect. The more photo opportunities the attendee has, the more likely they are to rave about the experience and create social pressures for their friends to attend another event by the brand. Read more.


How to Spend Less and Sell More Tickets for Your Event

In a perfect world, event marketing teams would have unlimited budgets and could spend as much as they need. The reality? Depending on the company structure, most teams are small, understaffed, and have very little wiggle room for spending. This issue is a conundrum event marketers face each time they need to sell out an event on a minuscule budget. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!For event planners facing the same predicament, don't fret. There are ways to spend less of your budget and sell more tickets for your event. Here's how to do it. Read more.

Event Intelligence Series Part 1: What is Event Intelligence and Why Should You Care?

In the first edition of the series, we talked about The Offline Buyer’s Journey. For this new series, we will talk about a closely related topic — Event Intelligence. Between 20,000 and 25,000 fans stormed The Moondog Coronation Ball, history’s first rock concert, on March 21, 1952. Twelve of the British colonies that eventually formed the United States were present in the First Continental Congress held in Philadelphia in 1774. In a course of 6 months, 6 million visitors flocked to The Great Exhibition (considered as the “Father of Modern Trade Shows”) which opened on May 1, 1851. As you can see, event intelligence isn’t an entirely new concept. In some shape or form, event intelligence has existed for years. Read more.

Why Your Digital Marketing Team Should Be an Event Planner's Best Friend

Marketing your event has always been critically important for event planners. It is how planners spread the word about their event, increase event attendance, and establish ROI. But in this digital age, a new set of tools have become available to planners to help them market their event. In order for planners to capitalize on the available digital tools, they need to work closely with their digital marketing team. To learn how event planners and digital marketers can work together and fully understand the power digital marketing holds for events and event planners, we sat down with the leaders of Aventri’s digital marketing team, Jake Diserio, Aventri’s Digital Marketing Manager, and Damarley Robinson, Aventri’s SEO Analyst. Check it out. Read more.


Aventri Turns 1! How We Celebrated Around the World

This past July 12th marked Aventri’s official first birthday! Since rebranding last July 12, 2018, Aventri has continued to maintain a leading position in the event market, has added 7,175 new venues to its industry-leading Global Venue Sourcing Solution, has broaden its onsite technology offerings with acquiring ITN International, was named the sole Connecticut company on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, has partnered with Sciensio and Uber, unveiled next-generation SMM Solution, BadgeNow, the first self-service color badge printer, and so much more. To celebrate these accomplishments, this 1-year milestone, and reflect on our first year as Aventri, our offices used the power of technology to connect from around the globe. Read more.

Meetingmax and Aventri Integrate Platforms

Event software leaders Meetingmax and Aventri today announced they have completed the integration of their platforms. The integration connects the Meetingmax room block management and Aventri event registration systems. It eliminates the hassle of navigating separate systems. Event professionals streamline planning, while driving registration and increasing attendee satisfaction. “We are proud to offer event planners a fully integrated registration and housing solution,” says Jeff Duncan, president and CEO of Meetingmax. “With this integration, they will be able to offer attendees a seamless registration and hotel booking experience. Using the integrated platforms, planners will exercise greater control over their inventory, improve pick-up rate and ultimately increase revenue.” Read more.

Aventri Has Been Shortlisted for 4 Event Technology Awards

The Aventri team is thrilled to have been shortlisted for not one but FOUR Event Technology Awards this year! In case you didn't know, the Event Technology Awards recognizes the achievements of companies delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry. The winners will be announced during the Event Tech Live show in London this November 6. The categories Aventri has been shortlisted for are: Best New Technology Product (for Website Builder), Best Attendee Management Technology, Best Event Management Platform, and Best Venue Booking Solution. Read more.


FREE EBOOK: Optimizing the Attendee Journey

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. When it comes to events, an attendee’s first impression is often made with the technology they interact with; how and where it’s used, how seamless it is and how it drives convenience as well as engagement. This eBook was developed to help event planners around the world make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to
onsite technology.
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