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Back to Basics: Seamless Onsite Registration

Lauren Mumford |

Seamless Onsite Registration When it comes to successful events, first impressions are everything. It’s why the onsite check-in process is often touted as a critical first touchstone of the event lifecycle for attendees. A smooth and quick check-in process really helps set a positive tone for the rest of your event. Long lines and wait times, as well as computer and informational errors often start the attendee experience off on a bad foot.

This is where the right event technology can help. When paired a helpful and professional staff, software, printers, and kiosks can help make this crucial first step at your event a flawless and seamless one.

When thinking about your onsite registration process, ask yourself the following questions to guarantee that you're creating an outstanding experience your attendees will remember…in a good way!

Are there enough options to reduce wait times? Sometimes, having a well-staffed check-in and registration desk is simply not enough, especially when issues arise and the lines get backed up. Why not let attendees without any issues or questions check-in themselves? Having a mix of staff and self-service check-in kiosks helps prevent and alleviate potential long lines. At the kiosks, attendees can check in, make payments, print their badge and any other materials they need. One staff member should be devoted to monitoring this technology to guarantee it runs smoothly, while the rest can be there to answer questions and help with any outstanding issues behind the registration desk. The right mix of technology and in-person service will make your onsite check-in experience a seamless one.

How are you reducing the opportunity for error?
Whether it’s completed by staff at the check-in desk or by attendees themselves at your self-service kiosks, printing attendee badges and other credentials onsite (instead of beforehand) can reduce the opportunity for error, hence keeping things quick and easy. Not only will your attendees not have to wait while your staff flips through hundreds (or even thousands) of pre-printed badges, but any last-minute changes or edits for name and title can be completed in real time. It’s the little things that often matter most, so whether it’s changing a misspelled name or updating a new professional title, your attendees will appreciate it. Plus, this will save you money on paper and printing costs.

Are you tracking enough data at check-in?
Onsite registration and check-in are essential steps in the event journey to collect and analyze crucial attendee data, as well as gain a sense of your ROI, or return on investment. For example, it could be the number of attendees who used self-service kiosks over those who checked-in in person, the number of day-of/last minute registrants or the highest number of registrations at a certain time. These numbers can help you decide the ratio of staff to self-service kiosks, help you tweak the layout of the check-in space, or gain a better understanding of your event foot traffic patterns for future events. While those are very specific changes, they all help you create a better event experience for your attendees at an important benchmark that is meant to leave a lasting impression.

To get more tips, download our free onsite registration cheat sheet.

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