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Back to Basics: Pre-Event Registration

Lauren Mumford |

Pre-Event Resignation for event planners Whether you’re new to event planning or have been in the game for several years, you may be asking yourself from time to time whether or not you’re delivering the best registration experience for your attendees. After all, registration and continuously getting more people to register is at the heart of just about every event.

While you may be inclined to add extra bells and whistles to your registration process, more often than not, if you’re having problems in this area, you may be lacking some basic qualities of successful registration processes have stood the test of time and are important to have no matter how technology changes. 

Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when building or revamping your registration process for your next event: 

Is my event registration process simple?

Attendees, just like anyone else, want an easy and quick online experience. Only ask for essential information and keep the page design simple and clean. For an even more efficient experience for loyal attendees, make your registration fields pre-loadable upon entering their respective email address. Bottom line, once people decide to register for your event, you want them to do so in a timely matter. If registering for your event is complex and has endless information fields and pages, then attendees may be less motivated to actually complete it.

Is my event registration branding consistent?

When attendees are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to attend your event, you want to build a level of trust and security throughout your registration process. That’s why it’s important to keep your branding consistent and professional. Don’t forget about items like confirmation emails, and displaying refund and private policy information clearly. All of these things add up to a high level of reassurance and comfort with your attendees when it’s time to enter in their credit card information.

Is my event registration process convenient?

Convenience is more than just having a large button at the top of your event website for attendees to click on to register. Make it easy for them to get any and all questions answered either through contact with your staff or reading through an informative FAQ section. Perhaps attendees need to edit or update their registration or payment information in the weeks and months leading up to your event. Nowadays event management software allows them to conveniently update their personal info themselves whenever they need to. This not only makes it easy for them, but it takes another task off your plate.

Is my event registration software robust?

To deliver all of the above qualities throughout your registration process, try to find an all-in-one event management software that can create one. Not only should event registration be simple, consistent and convenient for attendees, but it's vital for the backend to be that way as well for you and your staff. 

Overall, it’s crucial that the registration process is not only seamless for attendees, but for event planners as well. Therefore, it’s important to think about and revaluate this area, especially as new technology emerges. As it changes, just don’t forget about the essential qualities of a registration process that make it successful.

To learn more about how to build a seamless and efficient pre-event registration process for your attendees, check out our registration cheat sheet.

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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

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