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Aventri's BadgeNow PrinterThe big news from Aventri this week is the announcement of BadgeNow, the first self-service badge printer to offer high-quality color badges for event planners. As excited as we are to introduce this new onsite technology, we know our current clients and planners as a whole may have a few questions about how exactly BadgeNow works and how it will benefit the check-in experience for both attendees and planners.

Brian Friedman, co-founder of Loopd and director of product for mobile, data and engagement at AventriHere to answer some of the top questions about BadgeNow, is Brian Friedman, Aventri's vice president of digital innovation who was involved in BadgeNow's development.

Q: Why was it time to create something like BadgeNow for Aventri clients?

Events are all about the experience, and attendees should have a smooth and high-quality entrance. With BadgeNow it's now easy to deliver a professional badge experience for events under 1,000 attendees. In the past, attendees were given black and white badges that were either pre-printed or not the most aesthetically pleasing. BadgeNow creates custom colored badges on-demand, and in a few seconds, attendees will receive a professional badge that matches the standard of the event.

Check out our Facebook Live chat about BadgeNow is the video below.


Q: Can you explain how BadgeNow works with Aventri Software?

BadgeNow is a simple and easy-to-use product that can be set up in just a few minutes. An event planner will receive BadgeNow in a box. All they have to do is plug in BadgeNow to power and connect an ethernet cable or 4G to the printer. Aventri is integrated into BadgeNow, and the event will be assigned to the printer before each event. When an event planner uses Aventri Check-In, a badge will instantly print and be waiting for the registration staff to pick up for the attendee.

Q: How will BadgeNow impact clients who choose to use it onsite?

BadgeNow will eliminate the need to pre-print badges before the event. This will save event planner time and investment. With BadgeNow event planners will be able to collect high-quality analytics around their event check-in that's accurate and up to date. Sustainability is also a priority for BadgeNow, and event planners will be able to make sure that they're printing badges on-demand as attendees arrive at the event. 

Just how fast is BadgeNow? Check out our demonstration at Confex 2019 below! 


Q: What makes BadgeNow unique compared to other printers?

BadgeNow is a cloud-connected printer that can work with any check-in device. Other printing solutions leverage a direct integration with a printer and require each check-in device to be configured to work with the printer. With BadgeNow you can add as many check-in devices as you'd like, and you're not limited to the type of check-in device. As long as you're using Aventri Check-In, BadgeNow will print out the attendee badge instantly.

Q: What’s your favorite BadgeNow feature?

I really like how BadgeNow leverages all of the capabilities within the Aventri Badge Designer. For example, you can design different attendee badges for different attendee categories. This way when an attendee arrives at the event, they'll receive a personalized badge that will really welcome them to the event.

Learn more about BadgeNow in Aventri's latest press release. 

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