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virtual trainingThere’s no doubt about it, 2020 was a rough year. Many industries and professionals were hit hard by the pandemic, but perhaps none more so than the live event industry. However, when adversity comes to call, you can choose to lie down and take a beating, or you can adjust and thrive. Transitioning from live events to virtual or hybrid ones is no easy feat. But if you’re considering hosting your first virtual event, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is uniquely equipped to help you adjust to the virtual arena and make your virtual event a memorable experience that you, your vendors, sponsors, and attendees will never forget.

In this article, we will aim to highlight how Aventri’s Professional and Managed Services team can help you ensure that your next virtual event is successful.

How Aventri Can Help You Plan and Execute Your Virtual Event

When hosting a virtual event, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. This means being aware of virtual etiquette and virtual event best practices. Though in-person and virtual events typically follow a similar event lifecycle—that is, planning, promotion, engagement, and analysis— they are many different experiences. Aside from their difference in format, one being online and the other being face-to-face, the logistics for each can significantly vary. In general, no virtual event is a simple one, and it wasn’t until recently that many event professionals began to fully understand what that entailed. Research shows that sixty-five percent of planners have never been involved in the process of planning a virtual event.

Aventri's virtual event platformThe event needs to be planned in great detail before the event, promoted effectively to the target audience, and a team should be ready to mobilize if there is an issue during the event. Should a huge problem arise that changes the course of the event completely, a contingency plan needs to be in place. If these concepts and terms sound foreign to you, you would likely benefit from some virtual event training through Aventri’s team of qualified professionals. Our training, pre-event planning, and live event support will ensure that your virtual event doesn’t feel like “just another Zoom meeting” for all involved.

We Ease the Learning Curve

You might be the absolute best live event planner to have walked the earth, but this fact means little in the digital age. A virtual event is a completely different ballgame, and a virtual event planner can save you from hosting a frustrating and ineffective function. Our dedicated team of experts can provide the means to bridge the gap between live and virtual events. You’ll have peace of mind that we will be right beside you as you become better acquainted with the planning and execution process surrounding virtual events. We will provide the necessary answers and guidance required to ensure a smooth transition.

We Provide In-Depth Training for All Parties

virtual and hybrid event trainer helping an event organizer through an online event

Delivering a successful virtual event experience is without a doubt, not a one-person job. There is likely a full team of individuals that is putting everything in motion and working towards success. Presenting material in a video format can feel very awkward if the presenter is not accustomed to the nuances of the medium. Aventri’s virtual event services will not only teach you the ins and outs of how to host a virtual event but will provide structured training for all of your presenters and participants in navigating the virtual space effectively. We will ensure that all parties are comfortable with the technology and tools available well before the event launches.

We Set You Up for Success

Our services are not a one-time-only deal, our team of event experts can assist you in putting together a winning virtual event strategy that can help keep you on the right track as the various pieces of the event come together. By creating a project plan model, we ensure your first virtual event is successful, your goals are met, and that you and your team can replicate for future virtual events that you may host. Remember: your success is our success.

We Configure the Event Based on Your Specific Goals

While you may have hosted countless in-person events in the past, chances are you will need to organize yourself differently this time around. Your event goals and how you plan to accomplish them might look a bit different than they previously have. Many things within the planning and delivery process will likely be unique to the virtual format. Therefore, our professional services team is skilled at helping you configure your virtual event settings and providing virtual event best practices to help you best achieve your goals and obtain the outcomes you desire.

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We Help You Plan to Be Successful

No one wants to think about the possibility, but things could go wrong during your virtual event. There may be any number of issues that could come up and cause catastrophic problems for you. Never fear! We plan for these eventualities with a superlative eye for detail. If something could go wrong, we will ensure that there is a contingency plan ready to be implemented. Your event will be a success in the end, whatever adjustments have to be made throughout the process.

We Help You Work Out All the Kinks

As the saying goes: the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle. While that may be an extreme analogy, the message is an apt one for our approach to virtual events. We test, re-test, and plan down to the smallest detail before the event. In this way, we can remove the human error as much as possible. This is accomplished by a robust pre-event testing and practice launch to ensure that presenters and attendees have a flawless experience at your event.

We Provide Assistance and Guidance During the Event

Skilled event expert assisting an event planner during a virtual event

Lastly, our help doesn’t end when the event starts. Compared to in-person events, it is much harder to improvise within a virtual event when things don’t go according to plan; therefore, having the resources to fix last-minute problems is critical. This is when we shift gears from planning to action. When the virtual event is set to kick off, our experienced remote team is there to help facilitate the event and session launch process, assist with speaker setup, and troubleshoot any real-time issues that come up. From beginning to end, we guide you through the entirety of the virtual event lifecycle, all the while making sure you’re on the right path toward success.

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Still Unsure of Whether to Enlist Aventri’s Services for Your Virtual Event?

When you think about hosting a virtual event, on the surface it does seem straightforward, right? You get some sort of video service, you acquire some presenters, entice some sponsors, and the attendees will roll in. No problem!

You may be thinking: “I know how to plan a virtual event, I don’t need any help.” But consider for a moment the possibility of something going wrong during your event. None of the speaker’s mics work. The video is cutting in and out. The links aren’t working. The connection is lagging. A presenter got his time mixed up and didn’t show up for his presentation. What if all of these things happen at once? How long do you think your participants are going to hang around while you attempt to fix these issues?

We are confident we can troubleshoot all of these issues due to our proven method. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again. Event professionals are more than capable of putting on successful virtual and hybrid experiences for their attendees—with the right assistance. Aventri’s Professional and Managed Services team focuses on the technology allowing you to focus on the event content. We can act as a dedicated member of your team to help ensure you meet your goals, become confident with the virtual event format, and achieve success in the events to come.

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This Post was Written by Cheryl Brennan

Cheryl is the Senior Director of of Global Professional Services Operations at Aventri.

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