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Your Agency Competition Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against You

Quentin Stossel |

Hand holding onto a brick ledge getting crushed by someone wearing brown bootsYes, you read correctly.  This isn’t an article about why you’re getting crushed.  It’s an ode to why you stand out in the agency world and what you do different.  Well, maybe you are getting beat by your nemeses. If so, read on.  There might be something here for you.


Yes, when you’re at your best, your clients are desperate to hear what you think will make a difference in their business. They want to know what you, the agency and market expert, know that they don’t.  Your competition is busy wasting their time chasing every RFP out there, throwing together boiler template presentations that put the client to sleep.

You, on the other hand, have chosen to knowledge the f-up on a key vertical or a key business objective that the upper echelons of the decision-making hierarchy are focused on. You are knowledgeable.  You invest the time to put together unique and crafty ideas that will put your clients ahead of THEIR competition.  Not just in theory, but rather in a way that can be measured after the fact.   And measure it you do.  Because you understand an age old formula that continually proven results equals continued reinvestment from your client over the long term.


They hate you because you are ruthless about holding the line. You expect the absolute best from them and you aren’t afraid to call it when it falls short.  You aren’t afraid to call it when you fall short either. You lead by example.

On the flip side, your crew loves you because you charge forward into territory that your competition can only dream of.   It’s visceral, it’s rewarding. It’s a place that grips them and they are never bored. They are constantly challenged into a zone of non-comfort. In this space they are always learning, defining new boundaries for themselves further outward than where they were yesterday.

The collective outcome is that your people create the unthinkable, they do it in the impossible time frame.  And they infect the client with their passion for delivering measurable results time and time again.  Meanwhile your agency competition struggles with staff complaints about long hours, pay never being enough, and clients that are too demanding.


Above all, you’ve set yourself apart from your competition because you know that the 21st century is driven by technology.  Your clients know this too.   So you make it your objective to study and master the key technologies that will further serve to heighten your expert status in the eyes of your clients.  You are able to challenge their thinking and offer them direction that your competitors don’t.

This is because your competitors try to be all things to all people. They rush out and vet a few technologies every time a client asks for their help on something.  They know very little, and they offer even less than that in value to the client. This doesn’t help them. In fact, it merely continues to weaken their position with the client. Ultimately they find themselves in the dreadful place of being compared on price and price alone.

So if you’re crushing your competition, I celebrate your success.  Alternatively, if this has woken you up from a deep career snooze with a desire to take a new line on what it means to truly own the success of your clients… well, then I celebrate this awakening even more.


Quentin Stossel

Quentin Stossel, Senior Sales Director at Aventri and based out of Toronto, Canada

Quentin joined Aventri as a Senior Sales Director based out of Toronto, Canada. His focus is on growing new sales business with the Canadian event and meeting professionals. Quentin spends his time working with Marketing, HR and IT professionals who are faced with the struggle of wanting to "do more" within their existing meeting/event budgets. He invests his time in leading enterprise buying groups through a streamlined evaluation and business case building process, with the outcome being that these companies achieve the most budget-intelligent implementation of an event software so that their audience gets the benefit of more impactful meetings and events.

Prior to Aventri, Quentin was the Director of Business Development at Asigra Cloud Backup.


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This Post was Written by Quentin Stossel

Quentin helps corporate clients gain more from their interaction with technology by serving as a guide to buyers that are in their research, internal pitching and buying phase. He is fascinated by the power of Cloud computing and the transformation...

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