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Connect Weekly: Keeping Attendees Off Smartphones, the First-Ever RealityCon & More

Lauren Mumford |

Connect Weekly: Keeping Attendees Off Smartphones, the First-Ever RealityCon & MoreWelcome to another edition of Aventri's Connect Weekly column, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. We aim to cover everything from the worlds of events, technology, business, marketing, social media, travel, hospitality and beyond. Check out the top stories from the week of April 15-19!

How to Keep Meeting Attendees Off Their Smartphones

What’s small, sometimes silent but super noisy at other times, and jam-packed with information? The answer, of course, is a cell phone, and that tool—along with smart mobile devices generally—is a big competitor for meeting planners when they’re trying to capture the attention of attendees. By 2015, 64 percent of adults around the country, or nearly two-thirds of Americans, owned smartphones, according to the American Trends Panel survey, a 2015 study of cell phone usage by the Pew Research Center. Even more telling, that amount is nearly double the 35 percent of smartphone owners that existed in the United States just four years earlier, in 2011. Read more.

MTV Set to Launch First-Ever RealityCon in 2020

The stars and creators of some of television’s most beloved and groundbreaking reality television series will come together for MTV's RealityCon in the summer of 2020. This will be the first-ever reality show convention, and will MTV will host a soft-launch for it this fall. Like any fan-focused convention, RealityCon will feature panels, interviews, performances and more that will celebrate the television genre’s impact on television and society. Even though it is hosted by MTV — who created the genre with The Real World in 1992 — the event will be an expansive look at reality television’s history and feature the people behind and stars of shows like The Bachelor, The Real Housewives, and RuPaul’s Drag Race alongside MTV staples like Jersey Shore and The Hills. Read more.

Inside Coachella's First-Ever Augmented Reality Equipped Stage

This year's Coachella's guests who open the festival app’s “Coachella Camera” page and point their smartphones at the Sahara Tent before, during or after performances will see outer space-themed images like planets and astronauts floating above the crowd onscreen. “Since AR is not yet fully immersive, it still needs to be experienced through a smartphone,” says Sam Schoonover, Coachella’s first digital innovation manager.. Guests can also swipe through live photo and video filters, which will change shape and color according to the sound being captured by the phone’s speakers. Read more.

Companies Can Now Give Customers 'Uber Vouchers' for Free or Discounted Rides

When attending a conference or company-wide party, you might've gotten a promo code to take a ride-share car for a discount or even a free ride if you order a Lyft or Uber to a certain location or venue through the ride-hailing app. Last week, Uber overhauled its discount ride program — now it's called Uber Vouchers. It's a separate way for customers to pay for a ride. As a passenger, the discounted or free ride lives within the Payments section of the Uber app. You order an Uber as usual, but the Voucher discount or free fare offer will come up as a payment option, if applicable. Read more.

How Peloton Embraced the Boston Marathon

They may have begun with a bike, but Peloton is going the distance to prove that they’re much more. That’s why it’s no surprise to find the digital fitness company’s footprint all over the 2019 Boston Marathon. However, Peloton began engaging with Boston long before Patriots’ Day Weekend, when 30,000 runners and around a million fans will flood the city to take in the awe-inspiring feat of running 26.2 miles. Already a robust Peloton community, Boston saw a number of events hosted by the company beginning in mid-March. Read more.

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