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Connect Weekly: Balancing Security at Events, National Inclusion Week & More

Lauren Mumford |

Connect Weekly: Security at Events, National Inclusion Week & MoreWelcome to another edition of Aventri's Connect Weekly column, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. We aim to cover everything from the worlds of events, technology, business, marketing, social media, travel, hospitality and beyond. Check out the top stories from the week of September 23, 2019.

Balancing Act by Event Planners to be Both Secure and Welcoming Gets Harder

Any large gathering of people, such as a business conference, presents security risks that event organizers must be ready to respond to. In recent years, this has become more complicated, as a few major threats have become more common. Climate change has raised the frequency of severe weather events, and has even increased the risk of disease outbreaks, according to a recent report from travel management company BCD Travel. Global tensions and the rise of polarizing political candidates have also made an impact on event safety. Now, the main question for event planners is how to effectively prepare for such risks while still making sure the event is welcoming and enjoyable for attendees. Read more.

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Work in Events

This is an incredible time to work in meetings and events. Why? Because we live in a world where technology provides unprecedented insight into event performance and return on investment (ROI). These insights are valuable win-win options for organisers and marketers. For organisers, technology helps gather information to improve attendee satisfaction, boost sponsorship sales and prove – with hard data – events are moving the needle and driving growth. For marketers, it helps better justify their event investment, bolster sales and marketing and spend their budget more wisely. How do recent innovations help you accomplish all this? Let’s take a look. Read more.

National Inclusion Week: 7 Steps for Being More Diverse and Inclusive in Agencies

There is, thankfully, a far greater focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our industry than ever before. Particularly this week in National Inclusion Week. But it is often words as opposed to actions. And that isn’t a criticism, as knowing where to start with D&I can be hard, particularly if you’re a small business without the support and knowledge of a large people and culture (P&C) department. An initiative from the brilliant team at Utopia that saw around twenty people from a range of companies come together to discuss Inclusivity best practice and commit to working together to achieve industry change. As the co-founder of a start-up experiential agency with a belief in D&I, but without an experienced P&C person, this initiative was a real privilege. Read more.

How Can You Manage Negative Facebook Comments?

For every three comments the average Facebook page gets, two of them are likely to be negative. That’s according to some recent research from INFORMS, an international association for operations research and analytics. In a recent analysis published in its scholarly journal Information Systems Research, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that, in an analysis of 12,000 posts from 41 Fortune 500 companies, negative posts outranked positive posts at a ratio of nearly 2 to 1. While positive and negative posts tend to get more likes than traditionally neutral posts, the negative posts tend to attract more comments, which means that the Facebook page creates an unstructured area that tends to attract negative feedback. Which, of course, isn’t particularly great news if you rely on social media to reach your members. Read more.

Going Solo: One Planner's Experience as a Newbie Attendee

Tahira Endean, head of events for Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, recounts how she made connections at a recent conference where she knew nobody, and nobody knew her. Here's a excerpt from her experience: "I frequently attend events solo, as a participant or as a speaker. But it had been more than a decade since I attended an event where I did not know even one other person who was attending. That changed in early September, when I went to the Skift Global Forum in New York. It was a great lesson for me in understanding the perspective of many people who come to the events that we planners coordinate." Read more.

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