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Connect Weekly: World Cup, Best Dog Day Event and More

Taylor Shaw |

World CupWelcome to another edition of our Connect Weekly column, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. We aim to cover everything from the worlds of events, technology, business, marketing, social media, travel, hospitality and beyond.

Check out the top stories from the week of July 2-6!

Lessons from the World Cup

Everyone who’s anyone is watching the World Cup. Even if you’re not a huge soccer fan, the event is intriguing. Soccer is a lucrative business, generating billions in Europe, and the World Cup grabs universal attention. It teaches important lessons—from utilizing innovative technologies to emphasizing teamwork—that industry leaders can keep in mind. Lately, soccer has incorporated wearable technology that can track activity. By analyzing the data collected, coaches can pinpoint how and where to improve their strategies, or even to reduce injuries. Wearable technology collects unbelievable data, and such data doesn’t have to be specific to soccer; it can be implemented in many industries for improvement.

The Best Dog Day Ever Event

This week, Bizbash published an event report reviewing the Best Dog Day Ever, which took place at Brookfield Place New York. Hosted by the Dodo and Samsung, the outdoor festival engaged creatively with summery tents and brand activations that were geared toward dogs and the community surrounding the event. Over 1,400 pups attended the event with their owners, where they were pampered, photographed and provided with opportunities to play in pools. Tartinery provided beverages and Shake Shack catered to humans and dogs alike. On a charitable side, the event hosted three animal rescue shelters and by the end of the day, four dogs were adopted. The event was a hit, leaving dogs with tails wagging and leaving organizers looking forward to expanding and continuing the program.

Temperature Control Technology

Getting dressed on a summer morning is difficult. You’re sweating while you run to catch the train, but shivering in the AC at your desk in the office an hour later. If you’re one of the “thermally underserved,” the Embr Wave might be good for you. A wearable technology that resembles a larger apple watch, the Embr Wave is designed to cool you or warm you in uncomfortable temperatures. These changes occur in waves. The technology either cools or heats the skin in 3-5 minute increments, and can be hidden beneath the sleeve of a shirt. The device is currently sold at approximately $300.

Major Networks Embrace Events

Major TV networks are embracing the events industry, in an effort to foster greater community around their television programs. This year, Freeform abandoned its usual press tour in favor of a “Freeform Summit,” which featured stars and producers from the network. The Summit created a space for the industry leaders to interact via panels discussing the #MeToo movement, diversity and inclusion, and more. Other networks like AMC and Netflix have followed suit, indulging fandoms—online communities of fans—in immersive experiences. “I think all of these experiences, whether for trade or consumer, are extensions of a brand,” said Tom Ascheim, Freeform president. “As the world gets more complicated, it’s important to be more three-dimensional.”

IMEX America

IMEX America, which is to take place in Las Vegas on Oct. 16-18, will emphasize experiential activities. In its partnership with C2, IMEX Group will incorporate Learning Labs and the Live Zone again as a result of positive feedback. The increase in experiential activities also stems from recent research  from MPI Outlook. The results of this research found that in the next three years, only 9% of meeting professionals have no plans to include experiential elements in their meetings and events. Additionally, the conference will be expanding this year, into a more sizable venue, giving presenters and exhibitors more space to incorporate these engaging aspects.

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This Post was Written by Taylor Shaw

Taylor is a summer marketing intern at Aventri. She is currently a rising senior at Fordham University, where she studies English and Marketing. On campus, she is the managing editor of The Fordham Ram, the university’s 100-year-old newspaper. She...

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