15 Fun and Engaging Corporate Team-Building Activities to Try

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Happy colleagues playing who I am game, having great pastime together, copy spaceWith so many working remotely, it is more important than ever to provide a mix of fun virtual and in-person team-building events to preserve company culture. Team building activities are vital for maintaining a healthy workplace and a strong employment brand. But the unfortunate truth is, that many team-building ideas simply don’t translate into fun activities. This is especially likely to be the case with virtual team-building activities, where it is much harder to replicate meaningful interaction and engagement.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Carefully chosen and planned group activities that align with your company culture and the preferences of your employees offer many benefits. These include improved productivity and communication skills, as well as the opportunity to identify those with strong leadership qualities.

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Here are some proven team bonding activities, including virtual team building ideas, that you should consider:

1. Virtual Break Room

One of the things people miss most about the office is those moments by the water cooler that gives them a chance to catch up with their colleagues. With many still working remotely, having a virtual break room, where employees can log in during their lunch breaks, is a low-effort but high-value team-building solution. For example, many virtual event platforms offer integrations that let you set up persistent communication channels and support video chat.

2. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms are immersive role-playing games that see players ‘locked’ inside a room, in which they need to work together to solve a mystery within a set amount of time. Since the concept was itself partially inspired by video games, there’s no reason why it can’t be done in a virtual space too.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are an old team-building favorite. You can create one yourself or use a third-party creative service. Outdoor scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun, but virtual scavenger hunts are also a viable option. For example, you can challenge team members to collect different items from around their homes.

4. Set Competitive Challenges

A little friendly competition is essential for building a strong team, especially if teams are paired or grouped carefully. These can take the form of competitive sports, healthy fitness challenges, or more creative challenges using unexpected or unconventional items to solve problems. Set the right goals and rewards, and such activities can be extremely engaging.

5. Icebreaker Quizzes

Icebreaker quizzes can work just as well in virtual environments as they can in traditional ones. From traditional pub quizzes to virtual icebreakers, many people will appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and have some fun in the process. Virtual event platforms are ideal for hosting events like icebreaker quizzes and office trivia sessions.

6. Lego Workshops

Lego recently launched its Serious Play range, which is designed specifically for enhancing team performance in businesses. The Danish toy giant also has an active online community for team leaders and members to get building ideas and join workshops. For team-building, it is ideal for enhancing problem-solving and creative skills.

7. Board Game Tournament

Board game concept- board game field, many figures, meeple, dice, coins and sandglass. Co-workers holding cards on blurred background

Board game tournaments can spark healthy competition between individual team members in a wide range of contexts. Many popular board games have also been adapted to web-based or mobile games, making them suitable for virtual team-building activities too. The same goes for many card games and puzzle games.

8. Office Trivia

A trivia night can also take place in the office or as a virtual event that people can participate in from home. For best results, put people into teams of four or more, and offer small prizes to get them motivated. You can either come up with your own trivia questions or get a third party to host the event. Best of all, trivia sessions are highly flexible, making them a good match for virtual events.

9. Karaoke Night

If your team largely consists of more extroverted types, then organizing a karaoke night might be just the thing to do. While certainly not a team-building activity for everyone, there are few better ways to get people to break out of their comfort zones, so long as they don’t feel forced to participate.

10. Go-Kart Racing

Another great option for those high-octane teams who tend to favor lively outdoor activities, go-kart racing is an old classic. Facilities that cater directly to corporate team-building events often offer competitive racing leagues and incentive events, making them ideal for both small and large groups.

11. Sales Exercise Sales

exercises are the perfect choice for sales and marketing teams since they can promote important creative and practical skills. That said, they can also be fun for all types of teams. A sale exercise might, for example, involve giving teams five minutes to create an advert. These activities can easily be done remotely too.

12. Professional Development Workshop

Although employees mustn’t just feel like team-building activities are nothing more than extensions of their daily jobs, there’s nothing wrong with merging some professional development into the activities. Shared learning experiences, either in-person or offline, can be engaging, useful, and fun, especially if they’re relevant to your team’s roles. You can also set up virtual training and development events using a flexible cloud-hosted platform.

13. Sports Game

group of business people ready to start the race in track. business challenge concept.

If your employees are the sporty types, then hosting a competitive sports game can be a great way to bring people together and promote good physical health. There are practically limitless possibilities too, from popular competitive games like soccer to more relaxed games like golf to one-on-one games like tennis.

14. Laser Tag

Another great choice for adrenaline junkies, laser tag isn’t just fun – it is also a great way to exercise logic and strategy skills. Players can either be grouped into teams, or you can go for a free-for-all where the last person standing is the winner. Similar options include paintball or airsoft games, though they do require additional safety equipment.

15. Online Office Games

It’s perhaps hardly surprising that video games have surged in popularity during the pandemic. However, despite often being viewed as idle time, some video games offer excellent team-building activities for remote employees. Many of these team-building games are cheap or even free and playable through a browser – no expensive gaming rig necessary!

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