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Do You Fully Utilize Your Event Software?

Lauren Mumford |

do you fully utilize your event software When event planners have problems with their event software, their first instinct may be to give into their frustrations, abandon it and move on to something else. And while that might be the right move for some, others should probably step back and really think about the source of their pain points, as migration can sometimes be timely and costly.


In fact, a common event planner issue with software, in particular, is not using it effectively or not realizing its full potential. You may have been attracted to a platform due to its robust toolset, but if you’re just using its registration capabilities, it may not be enough to solve all your problems. But through communication and education, you can learn how to truly take advantage of an all-in-one platform.

Don’t be afraid to ask questionsAsking the right questions during the migration process is definitely key, but once you’re in it, don’t stop! Often, problems emerge because you’ve settled into a routine or because of the notion “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” If a part of your software isn’t working the way you want or you’re curious about other features, take the time to speak with your account manager. You may be surprised that a solution you’re already paying for was there the entire time.

Take advantage of training & educational opportunitiesTraining on your event software shouldn’t stop after the couple days or afternoon you set aside when you first migrated. It should be an ongoing process as the product (or your needs) grows and changes. Take advantage of webinars, demos, and other free content to learn as much about your platform as you can.

See where you can consolidate or integrateOnce you understand the full scope of what your software can do, take note of any other tools it can replace or if there are any integrations you’re not taking advantage of. For example, perhaps you’re using a third-party mobile app for your events, but your event software has a mobile app feature. Or maybe you have yet to integrate your software to your CRM or Salesforce platforms. Overall, by having everything in one place, you'll have a much more efficient event technology experience (and possibly save some money too).

Work with your provider to adapt to your needs Still not getting what you need out of your event software? See what services they offer outside of functionality to help tailor your software experience to your unique needs. Customized training sessions, website and registration design, onsite assistance and more can take your technology to the next level.

It’s no surprise that we think event management software is the key to a majority of event planner pain points. With the right platform, planners have access to a robust set of tools that seamlessly talk to each other, making their lives so much easier and efficient. But in reality, a software solution is only as good as a user makes it out to be. In fact, if not used to its full potential, planners may be making problems for themselves that their solution can actually solve. 

Simple Event Management Software Migration

This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

Lauren Mumford has worked at Aventri since 2015 as a content marketing associate. She manages the Aventri blog, social media promotion, the bi-weekly company newsletter, as well as writes and edits large content pieces and other marketing materials....

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