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Back to Basics: Event Mobile App Engagement

Brendan Armstrong |

Group of individuals standing in a circle engaging with their mobile phone at a networking eventEvery successful event planner knows that audience engagement is the key to building and sustaining a loyal attendee following. There are a multitude of ways to get the attention of your audience, from interesting speaking sessions to interactive exhibit hall booths, to fun contests and networking cocktail parties. But one place to not neglect a focus on engagement is with your mobile event app

Attendees use your event mobile app as the central hub for event information, personal agendas, networking connections and more, so it’s the perfect place to promote your message and continue engagement efforts. Ask yourself the following questions when building your next mobile event app to ensure you maintain engagement for all your attendees and users:

Are your attendees interacting and maintaining attention?
Ever look inside a speaker session room and see a room full of bored attendees answering emails or scrolling through Facebook? Let your attendees' voices be heard by using interactive elements on your app such live polling, voting, and Q&A capabilities to incorporate everyone into the presentation. By displaying data from the interactive elements on a large screen, the audience can view and compare answers with other attendees. Bottom line, if attendees are on their mobile devices to participate instead of to just pass the time, you’re doing it right.

Is social media directly accessible in your app?
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the countless social media platforms you may integrate into your app during your event. Instead of having attendees bounce from one app to the next in order to keep up (and possibly get distracted), put access to your various social media accounts in one place. By including a social media activity stream directly in your mobile event app, attendees won’t miss any updates, contests or campaigns you promote for each medium. By also including a stream for your event's hashtag, other attendees can see what others are saying and join in on the conversation. Along with viewable activity, these streams make your event easy to share on any social media platform of choice.

Are you receiving feedback every step of the way?
While engagement with event speakers and fellow attendees is important, it is also important to use your app to maintain engagement with event organizers. Getting feedback from attendees about session content, exhibitors, and event logistics is crucial to your event success and ROI. By creating the attendee surveys directly in a mobile app, the questions will be easily accessible. Not only is it easier than distributing paper surveys or directing attendees to a forgettable internet link, you will be able to collect and review feedback and data quicker than ever before.

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This Post was Written by Brendan Armstrong

Brendan is an Aventri intern and a student at Miami University.

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