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Event Tech Better #9: Mobile App Networking Features, New Website Builder Widgets & More

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Event Tech Better #9: Mobile App Networking Features, New Website Builder Widgets & MoreAt Aventri, it’s important to us that everyone, from our customers and beyond, learns not only about our new updates and features, but how to fully utilize them in their event planning. It’s why we started Event Tech Better – a monthly newsletter and blog column that will be your guide to the latest product features, enhancements and best practices, put together by experts at Aventri.

It's been awhile since our last Event Tech Better, but we have a lot of exciting Aventri updates to share with you this month. Highlights include enhanced networking and notification options in our Mobile App, new widgets and template options for Website Builder, and more streamlined features for auto-populated information in Registration.

Be sure to watch Event Tech Better in 60 Seconds or Less at the of the post where we’ll give you a quick walkthrough of the Theme Editor feature in Aventri's new Website Builder.

Product Updates Round-Up

Networking on the Mobile App

Along with an updated UI/UX, Aventri's networking feature on the mobile app now fully integrates with Smart Tags, allowing attendees to be discovered using Smart Tag technology. Other updates include a chat module integration, a push notification integration and the ability for users to turn the Discoverability feature on and off.

Aventri's enhanced networking features on the Mobile App

Mobile App Notifications

Now there is single place for attendees to receive messages from both event organizers and the app. The new "Notifications Center" bell icon at the top right of the mobile app contains an "Inbox" tab for messages received from the organizer and a "Notifications" tab showing all interactions from within the app. This feature will replace the Push, Inbox, Send a Message modules in the CMS.

Aventri's enhanced notifications features on the Mobile App

New Website Builder Widgets

Via the new Subscribe Widget, our Website Builder can now drive mailing list subscriptions through customizable sign up forms on an event website. The new Menu Widget enables custom navigation styles, improved drop-down sub-navigation and anchor linking for one-page sites. Finally, users can also now regulate access to certain website pages by setting a password up for them, and we've also added more event website templates that will elevate your brand and enhance the attendee experience.

Control Pre-Populated Data in Registration

Now Aventri users can enable event level SAML SSO on a per category basis. Choose which attendee categories should and should not be validated through SSO in order to pre-populate attendee information and institute the grained access to control to event registration.

Event Tech Better in 60 Seconds or Less

Website Builder Theme Editor

Aventri's new Website Builder makes creating event websites easy, especially with our large selection of templates to choose from. Learn how the Theme Editor allows users to personalize these templates by changing the colors, formatting and more.




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