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Event Tech Better - #6: Internal Venues, Bid Rationale & More

Nate Slayton |

Aventri Event Tech BetterAt Aventri, it’s important to us that everyone, from our customers and beyond, learns not only about our new updates and features, but how to fully utilize them in their event planning. It’s why we started Event Tech Better – a monthly newsletter and blog column that will be your guide to the latest product features, enhancements and best practices, put together by experts at Aventri.

We believe that when planners can Event Tech Better, they’ll be able to find more meeting and event success.

In our continued effort to help our customers drive savings and increase ROI, we have some exciting updates to the Venue Sourcing product to share this month. Then watch Event Tech Better in 60 Seconds or Less to learn how to setup event and category waitlisting.

Featured Product Updates

Drive savings by sourcing your own internal venues

Now you can leverage even more cost savings by incorporating your own internal venues into search results. Relevant internal venues appear first so a planner notices them before choosing an external venue. Admin users have the ability to create, edit and report on their organizations available internal venues.
Internal venue sourcing search results


Understand why venue bids are accepted

You can now track and report on why planners are selecting certain venues. At the time of accepting a bid, planners will have the ability to choose from canned rationales or enter their own reason for choosing the particular venue. These bid rationale responses are displayed on the meeting status page and in reporting to gain more insight into your team’s venue selection process. Admin users can provide up to 10 canned bid acceptance reasons for planners to choose from.

Bid acceptance rationale

Event Tech Better in 60 Seconds or Less

Is your event oversold? Keep the registrations flowing with event and category waitlisting.

Selling out your event isn’t the worst problem to have. With Aventri, it’s easy to setup a waitlist page to appear when attendees attempt to register after your event or category capacities have been met. You then have the ability to email and follow-up with all the attendees on the waitlist when spots open.


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This Post was Written by Nate Slayton

Nate is the Product Marketing Manager at Aventri.

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