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Flipping the Script on Training Meetings

Lauren Mumford |

GettyImages-892252522We hear a lot about increasing engagement and creating "wow" factor with event technology at large events, trade shows, and conferences, but rarely do we hear about it playing a role in internal meetings.

Training meetings, in particular, seem to fit the same mold: gathering employees into a room, listening to a presentation and taking notes, while organizers hope they retain the information. The reality is, event technology can be present at internal training meetings to help engage and excite your employees. Here's how:

Take them out of their comfort zone

Here at Aventri, we're big on the off-site departmental trainings or professional development sessions, and for good reason. Taking your employees to a location other than the office, even if it's across town or down the street, can help break up the monotony of daily work life, as well as allow them to mentally leave work behind to focus on training. By using today's venue sourcing solutions, you can find that perfect place to get employees out of the office to somewhere unique and inspiring.

Include a mobile app

It's a common misconception that mobile apps are just for large external events, but don't discount them for your internal training meetings. Like attendees, your employees are likely glued to their smartphones. Instead of asking them to put their devices away during a training session, make them a part of the conversation. Today's mobile apps include features like live polling and Q&A to help make meetings more interactive. They also can be the place to upload presentation slides and take notes, so employees have a convenient location to refer back to them.

Utilize smart tags

Smart tags are another example of technology that isn't just for external events. Say you have a large training event that several employees are attending with multiple sessions going on, and where credits are required to be collected. Meeting planners have utilized smart tag technology to not only make check-in and check-out to these sessions easy, but to better track credits that were acquired throughout the event. No need for paper sign-in sheets!

Include fun activities and gamification options

Who says employee training sessions have to be boring? Include lots of group activities, games, and maybe even competitions to help break up lectures and presentations. This also allows for team building and bonding, perhaps even networking for larger events. Just make sure these fun activities tie into your training in some capacity. This can include brainstorming new ideas and presenting them, or seeing who can come up with the best sales pitch about a new product. Mobile apps and smart tags can also play a role here with gamification options such as scavenger hunts and earning badges.

Collect and measure feedback

At the end of the day, organizations host training sessions to either effectively transition new employees or make investments in current or long-term team members. Therefore, it's important to make sure you're doing a great job and that employees are making the most out of training meetings. Ensure you're collecting feedback via surveys sent via email or in your mobile app. It's even better if you have event management software to help analyze the results so you can better understand your successes and areas of improvement.

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