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Four Reasons Why Your Event Could Benefit from a Networking Event App

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

People sitting at a table in a circle holding their mobile phones using a networking appEvents today are no longer just about listening to speakers or attending sessions. Events are about making meaningful connections and networking with other attendees. So the more networking opportunities an event provides attendees, the better.

But how can you provide networking opportunities without taking away from the sessions, speakers, and overall event? Technology, specifically networking event mobile apps, may be your answer.

Check out our top four ways your event can benefit from a networking mobile app.

Four Reasons Your Event Needs a Networking App:

1. Empower Your Attendees

Empower your attendees to network during all stages of your event by using a networking app. Some networking app can connect like-minded attendees, exhibitors, and speakers with each other. In addition to browsing through attendee directories, users can select particular topics that interested them and receive a personalized activity feed. Attendees can use this activity feed to discover other users who are interested in the same topic and chat with them. Some networking apps also allow users to schedule a nearby meetup through an in-app messaging feature. Networking apps allow for direct communication, local discovery, and easy networking.

2. Increase Attendee Engagement

Do you want to increase your attendees’ engagement at your next event? In addition to empowering your attendees to network, networking event apps can help you increase your attendee’s attentiveness, particularly in sessions. Some apps are equipped with a live polling feature, which allows speakers to poll attendees during sessions. Live polling during a session can help speakers interact with the audience while gaining real-time feedback. Speakers can also tell attendees to post their session questions on the app’s board. The speaker can then pull up the board and address questions during Q/A and after the session.

3. Increase Your Attendee Satisfaction

Networking event apps can also be used to increase your attendee’s satisfaction by allowing you to personalize their event experience. Specifically, using the data collected through the registration process, networking event apps can use this data to send out personalized push notifications to users. Push notifications can be sent out to all attendees or specific attendees to remind them of session start times, activities they may be interested in, or be used to build excitement around an upcoming event. The options of personalized push notifications are really endless.

In addition to personalized push notifications, attendees can also use your networking event apps to rate sessions, the venue, and their overall experience. Not only does this provide valuable information for you but being asked for feedback during the event can help attendees feel like their opinion matters, which may increase their satisfaction.

4. Analyze Your Event Success

After your event is finished, networking event apps can help you send out event surveys to attendees that can be answered through the app. In addition, networking apps can provide you with detailed insights on your event performance and event ROI. This feedback can be used not only to understand your event performance but can be utilized to improve your future events.


What do you think of networking apps? Would you use one for your event? Do you use one for your event? What’s your favorite feature? Let us know by commenting below.

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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