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FREE GUIDE: Optimizing the Attendee Journey

Lauren Mumford |

Attendees walking through the exhibition hall of an event

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. When it comes to events, an attendee’s first impression is often made with the technology they interact with; how and where it’s used, how seamless it is and how it drives convenience as well as engagement.

Despite its importance, event planners still struggle when it comes to fully understanding onsite technology. They may ask themselves: How do I know what technology is best to use at my event? What will increase attendee satisfaction and event ROI? What will help my event stand out?

Aventri's latest guide, "Optimizing the Attendee Journey: How Onsite Technology Enhances the Event Experience," was developed to answer some of those questions and to help event planners around the world make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to onsite technology.

Download your free copy below!

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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

Lauren Mumford has worked at Aventri since 2015 as a content marketing associate. She manages the Aventri blog, social media promotion, the bi-weekly company newsletter, and many other content-related projects. Prior to Aventri, Lauren was in the...

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