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Event planners pain pointsWhen it comes to event planners and technology, it’s often ruled by a love/hate relationship. On one hand, technology can make event management easier for planners, as well as help engage and excite attendees. But on the other hand, finding and utilizing the right technology for your event is easier said than done, and can result in a frustrating process of trial and error.

As an event planner, if you feel this way about implementing technology, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Event planners around the world are also feeling the event tech pain. Lucky for you, these common and relatable concerns, as well as the solutions to these concerns, are showcased in our new free white paper,

The Event Check Up: How Diagnosing Your Technology Pain Points Can Increase Attendee Satisfaction.

In 2016, we surveyed more than 230 event planners from the Americas, EMEA and the Asia Pacific region, and asked them to share their top technology pain points throughout the event life cycle. Last year we shared the most interesting results from that survey, and now we’ve compiled those results, and more, into this infographic (click to enlarge):

Aventri's event check up infographic

Along with defining event planners’ top issues, we thought it was also interesting to spot the geographical outliers. As you can see above:

  • Compared to any other region, at 68%, more respondents in EMEA reported struggling when trying to target the right people with the right event.
  • There are seemingly more budget-minded planners in the Americas, as 42% said budget management was a top pain point. It was also the only region to largely cite “spending against revenue” as the best indicator of event success.
  • And in APAC, event planners were the group least likely to use a venue sourcing tool at just 18%.

It’s also important to note that most of these pain points —registration, content, communication, etc. — revolve around a common theme: they often make or break the attendee experience or rate of satisfaction. Attendee satisfaction was also marked as the greatest indicator of success across all regions covered in our survey, at 48%. Because of this finding, attendee satisfaction is at the heart of the solutions featured in The Event Check Up.

Not only do we believe that technology can and should help alleviate planner pain points across the board, but that it should also aid in creating an optimal attendee experience. Finding the right technology solutions to your events’ problems will help supplement and/or enhance the in-person experience and will, therefore, bring your event to the next level. Not to mention, happy and engaged attendees often become loyal attendees, helping you build an event following for years to come.

To learn more about event planner pain points and the technology solutions to fix them, check out this guide to attendee satisfaction.

 What are your top #PlannerPainPoints? Do you relate to any of the ones share in our infographic? Share in the comments below!

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