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Grow Your Event With Your Social Media Community

Kristina Fox |

10615764e-608x400.jpgThis post was written by our partners at InGo, the advocate marketing platformWhen you have an annual event, how do you let people know about it? You want to increase registrations and get buzz in the industry, but sometimes it can be hard. If people don't know what your event is, no one is going to look at your ads online or read your emails. You need to have a connection with them. Year after year, your revenue is going to depend on how many new faces that you can get to your event.

Growing an event is not easy, and in many ways it is getting more difficult.  Traditional tools, like direct mail, email blasts and telemarketing, while never perfect, are struggling to provide even the results they used to. Good lists are hard to find, and the best lists are over-used. Social media seems to hold lots of promise, except many find the results disappointing when compared against the potential.

Social media is a massive opportunity, but only if approached the correct way.  Unlike the other mediums such as print, email and the like, social media is a bidirectional activity, and as such, social media marketing needs to encompass that reality. This means that people on social media need to be approached as “active co-marketers” not simply “passive consumers”. When you stop thinking of social media as a one-way street, you open your event or brand up to a whole new community that can act as marketers for your company.

When done well, this approach allows event organizers to build a relationship with their attendees, empowering them to share their excitement with their network. This is what we call Advocate Marketing. Empowered advocates do more than just grow your event; they reach millions of people in a trusted, personal way, creating unparalleled brand affinity by connecting their personal brand to your event’s brand, turbocharging all your marketing campaigns.

How do you create these valuable advocates?

  • Make the connection
  • Make it easy to opt into registration socially
  • Suggest friends of theirs that might be interested in attending as well
  • Allow them to share their excitement
  • Make it simple to reach out to friends through their inbox & invite them!

Get these tips visually in the infographic below.

5 ways Infographic

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This Post was Written by Kristina Fox

Kristina Fox is a Marketing Manager at InGo

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