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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Way We Communicate With Attendees

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AI chatbot technology being used to improve events

Artificial Intelligence or AI has made a huge impact on our daily lives since its existence. The convenience of receiving answers by simply saying “Alexa” or “hey Siri” along with advancements in machine learning have made them remarkably popular today. So how can we use this technology to improve our events? One simple way is through AI ChatBots.


What is an AI ChatBot?

AI ChatBots combine Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to deliver answers to attendees through messaging channels like SMS text or Web Messenger. In simpler terms, your attendees ask a question, and your AI Chatbot provides the answer—just as if they were messaging your staff!

How does it work for events?

AI Chatbots are primarily built using much of the content that you have already created for your event. Specific content about your event is delivered via rich, SMS text messages based on the personalized needs and/or questions from the individual attendee.

Information and answers are available the moment your attendee needs them, without the hassle of sorting through emails, searching a website or downloading documents — it’s an effective and effortless way to communicate to attendees.

Chatbots can cover a wide range of topics, like:


  • Where do I park?
  • What is the agenda?
  • What is the WiFi password?


  • Who are the speakers?
  • Who is exhibiting?
  • Where’s the party?


  • Deliver targeted content through personalized notifications, itineraries scheduled to your VIPs! i.e. "Hi Mr Jones, the VIP dinner begins at 6pm. You are seated at Table 7."

What does this mean for event planners?

AI Chatbots provide fast responses to the many frequently asked questions — before and during the event. They are a welcomed extension to your onsite team, alleviating your staff during peak times.

They also transform events in a myriad of ways:

  • Drive engagement with low-friction communication — 98% of text messages are read, most in less than 5 seconds
  • Provide event details 24/7 — anytime, anywhere.
  • Boost attendee satisfaction with just-in-time information and value-add notifications
  • Discover deep insights into your attendee wants and needs with a live dashboard and a complete record of every conversation
  • Create operational efficiencies by consolidating event communication, focusing your staff on high-value tasks.
  • Plus countless more!

Aventri has partnered with EventBots, creators of industry-leading AI Chatbots to help our customers consolidate communications and engage with their attendees on another level. To discover how an AI ChatBot will transform your event, reach out to your Aventri Account Manager or check out EventBots in the Aventri Marketplace.

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