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How Automation Makes Meeting & Event Planning Easier

John Kearney |

2 women sitting at a desk using a tablet to automate their events and meetingsEvents teams today are employing best practices across three elements: connected solutions, reduced manual tasks, and ease of management. Let’s analyze each of those specific elements to understand how it plays a larger role in event automation.

Connected Solutions

Event automation is focused on how multiple solutions can connect better. Leading planners are working with marketing, sales, finance and IT to ensure that event management solutions are aligned with each department. They are connecting their solutions to marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, accounting software and other tools across the technology stack. Their intention is to provide a more complete view into customers, constituents and the market.

One prestigious university in the UK had been using multiple small systems to create a call for papers and to register delegates for their year-round conferences and events. The systems were clunky and in need of a major upgrade. The university decided to consolidate systems to create a simple user journey for delegates attending the conferences. Instead of completing their business process in multiple systems, they created workflows to automate their business processes through their event management software and offered these workflows platform-wide for all conferences and events.

Reduced Manual Event Tasks

Event automation relieves an events team of low value, tactical tasks. This frees up an events team’s time to allow them to focus more on the events and less in the events. This leads to happier and more productive events and meetings teams.

One of the largest global providers of insurance and employee benefits programs hosts thousands of workshops with corporations’ employees around the world. They are automating website and email templates to ensure each workshop and employee communication is customized, clean and consistent. Where they used to spend chunks of time pulling reports from different places, they are now aggregating reports into one dashboard. This is allowing them to easily track attendance and no-show rates, look at attendee to appointment conversion and monitor waitlists. This has saved their resource coordinator around 1,500 hours in the last year.

Ease of Management

Everyone has a different way that they complete certain tasks. On a team, this can result in confusion if the person who normally handles a specific task is not there on a given day to complete it. Automation allows you to formalize a process for your event tasks, no matter who is completing it.

For example, a multinational cyber security provider that runs hundreds of internal and external meetings across the globe every year in multiple languages, currencies and departments, found that managing all of these meetings was cumbersome and required many different employees and internal groups to coordinate across systems. Through a custom designed solution, they were able to consolidate all of their registration and marketing into one platform, distributed through a global events calendar. This calendar collates all events and meetings published by the various departments into one central location. Visitors to this events calendar can search and sort by location, date range, language or topic to find the right event to attend.

Department heads and global executives are now able to track global metrics and automatically receive reports on registration numbers by event type and location to see what is performing best and adjust their meeting and event strategy accordingly.

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This Post was Written by John Kearney

John Kearney is Aventri’s Director of Go To Market Strategy. He is focused on understanding our customers and our market and ensuring the organization is set up to serve both. Prior to Aventri, John spent 6 years with SBI, a management consulting...

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