How to Make Your Event Cashless

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How to Make Your Event CashlessNo one wants to carry around anything they don’t absolutely need nowadays, and with the myriad of technologies that enable you to leave your wallet at home, there’s really no reason to.

However, despite the annoyance of having a bulky wallet in your pocket or bag throughout a regular day, there’s nothing more aggravating than having two hands full of swag and a badge hanging around your neck, and attempting to try and find your wallet amid piles of stuff, all in order to buy a $2 water bottle.

Lucky for you, with the latest in event technology, your attendees will never have to succumb to that kind of disturbance again. Below are several ways that you can enhance the attendee experience with a cashless, and even, handsfree event.

A man uses an NFC badge at an event.

1. Allow Attendees to Load Money Onto their Badges

The first way to go cashless is pretty basic. It all starts with an NFC enabled badge. Before the show, attendees are given the ability to load money, or tokens, onto the badge. The badge can then be tapped at any booth or stand with an NFC hotspot. The hotspot will consume however many dollars or tokens the item costs and those credits will be deducted from the attendees account.

The whole process occurs in a matter of seconds. No wallet, cash or fumbling necessary.

2. Make the Event Handsfree with Wristbands

An example of a wristband with wallet capabilities. If you’re in the concert or festival industry, this one’s for you. We’ve all seen wristbands being used at some of the biggest events in the world. They’re an easy and effective way to credential attendees without requiring them to wear anything externally.

What you may not know, however, is that these wristbands can also be used as wallets. And for carefree concert goers who want to carry around as little things as possible, and who don’t want to lose something as precious as a wallet, this eliminates a major event pain.

These NFC enabled wristbands work the same way as the badges do – by having tokens/money uploaded onto them before the event and consuming those tokens/money for the given amount once the wristband is tapped to an NFC reader.

We know what you’re thinking – it couldn’t really be that easy? But it is. It really is.

3. Easily Credit Special Attendees

One of the most common ways that event organizers leverage this technology is by adding special tokens, or a certain amount of money, onto specific attendee badges, before the show.

So, for example, if a VIP is coming to the event one day, show organizers may want to add 10 tokens onto their badge beforehand, allowing them to get a free lunch and drinks throughout the day.

This allows event organizers to give special treatment to any attendees that they want.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to all of the ways that you can use cashless, and handsfree, payment to your advantage at your event. The end result, however, is always the same. An easier, more seamless attendee experience that will WOW attendees and alleviate common event pain points.

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This Post was Written by Christina Scotch

Christina is a marketing specialist at Aventri.

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