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How to Measure Event Engagement to Show Event Success

Lauren Mumford |

Event planners engaging and shaking handsWhen it comes to enticing attendees and sponsors to invest in your event, showing evidence of event value is critical. You can say your event has been successful in the past or is good for specific demographics, but unless you have the data to back it up, it may be difficult to get your attendees and stakeholders on board.

By tracking engagement at your event at a variety of levels, you can not only increase attendee satisfaction, but also better market your event to your audience. But you may be asking yourself, what data do I track and how exactly can I turn it into event value? Learn how event tech can help you capture four key performance indicators related to engagement and what to do with all that data afterward to increase event success.

Session Attendance

How to Collect This Data: Smart tags are a great way to measure session attendance and they are more efficient than manual head-counts or paper sign-in sheets. With the help of Beacons placed near a session room door, planners can passively measure who comes in and who leaves and when (for better accuracy, a person will only be counted as attended if they stay in the room for 10 minutes, for example).

How it Showcases Event Value: A great event starts with a great event program. By understanding what program topics and speakers were the most popular in previous years, you can accept the best speaking proposals that fit your audience's educational needs to build the most engaging program possible. In turn, your attendees will leave your event with lots of new and innovative insights and feeling like your event was worth their time and money.


How to Collect This Data: Both mobile apps and smart tags are great tools measure networking interactions at your events. Your event mobile app can track how many attendees are using features like in-app messaging and one-to-one matchmaking. Meanwhile, today's smart tag technology allows attendees to swap contact information in a literal touch of a button, tracking the number of times they do so as they go.

How it Showcases Event Value: It's no secret that networking is often a top priority for attendees, and they want to leave an event having made several great connections. Knowing the raw number or rate of connections made at your event can showcase why your event is worth attending, with prospective attendees knowing just how eager your audience is to network.

Booth Traffic

How to Collect This Data: NFC (or near-field communication) technology is key for this endeavor. By setting up Beacons around your exhibit hall and providing attendees with devices like smart tags or badges, you can track which booths were the most trafficked during which days or times.

How it Showcases Event Value: Having this data is useful to attract sponsors. Say your conference is for event planners and you find that your attendees visited exhibitors from event management software, mobile apps, and onsite technology companies the most. When it's time to sell to new exhibitors, you'll know companies in these areas will be happy to see that your audience is actively looking for their product.

Lead Capture

How to Collect This Data: With NFC badges, lead gathering is as easy as tapping the attendee’s badge, and with QR code badges, leads can be gathered by scanning the QR code with a lead gathering device. Devices can be rented, or some companies offer “Bring Your Own Device” solutions, where exhibitors can use their own devices by buying licenses and downloading the app.

How it Showcases Event Value: Simply put, your exhibitors want their investment in your event to result in leads. By having lead capturing options, exhibitors can qualify those leads with custom surveys, notes or on-demand content delivery. If you can tell potential exhibitors how many leads others have collected in the past, they'll know exactly what to expect when attending your event.

Overall, it's important to remember that measuring data related to engagement is a never-ending process, so set goals and benchmark your data so you can revisit it year after year. Your event data is only impactful if you use it in the right ways, and showcasing event value for attendees, sponsors and stakeholders will always lead to greater event success.

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