How to Use Tech to Minimize Your Check-in Queue at Events

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Impatient attendees in check-in queueAfter all the planning and organizing that goes into your event, don’t let it fall to ruins on your event day by long check-in lines!

With the help of advancements in event management software, you can now ensure attendees never have to wait on another check-in line again. Check out the top four technologies that planners can use to optimize and minimize their check-in queues.

4 Technologies That Can Minimize Your Check-in Queue:

1. Self-Check-in Kiosks

Male using a self-check-in kiosks at an event

Instead of hiring staff to scan people into your event, let your attendees do the work. With self-check-in kiosks, attendees can enter all their necessary information independently, check into your event, pay outstanding balances, and print out their badge in less than 10 seconds. Not only do these kiosks minimize registration lines at your event, but these kiosks also don’t require event staff, so you can station staff in other needed areas of your event.

2. Wearable Technology

Female using wearable technology to check-in at an event

In addition to self-check-in kiosks, another way to diminish check-in queues at events is equipping your guests with wearable technology. To check into your event, guests can simply tap their NFC wearables to a reader. If you’re looking for a technology that requires no check-in action on the part of the attendee, then RFID badges, which has the power to automatically check people in and out of your events, is for you. Not only do these wearable technologies cut wait times for attendees, but they also capture valuable attendee data, like session tracking, dwell time, and more.

3. Mobile Event Apps

mobile event appsIf you’re already using a mobile event app for your event, then why not integrate it into your check-in process? Using your mobile event app, attendees can check-in to your event before arriving, so they don’t have to wait on any lines. Even better, some mobile event apps even sync all your registrants from your event website to your app with one click, so your guests won’t have to re-enter their information.

4. On-Demand Badge Printers



Thanks to technological advancements in the event badging industry, gone are the days of pre-printing badges. Instead of wasting time sorting through those badges during check-in, attendees can now print their own badges on-demand. Not only do on-demand, high-speed badge printers cut check-in time, but these printers also save you time and money. Some printers even allow these badges to be personalized with attendee’s name, title, or current company.


What do you think of these four check-in technologies? Do you use any of these onsite event registration services? What's your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!  

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