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Influencer Series: Liz King on Video Marketing for Planners Q&A

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

Video marketing for event plannersLiz King Caruso is a thought leader in the events industry who works with other industry professionals to plan conferences, product launches, build audiences, engage online audiences, and improve other aspects of a company’s event. In addition, in her independent event planners Facebook page, “Event Hustlers”, Liz offers planners a six-month mentorship program called Ignite in which she helps planners reposition themselves in the industry to uplevel their revenue and help them escape the “lows” of business ownership.

In this interview, Liz will expand on episode 7 of her podcast “I’ve Been Thinking”,which focuses on the benefits of video marketing for planners.

Influencer Series: Liz King on Video Marketing for Planners Q&A

Liz King Caruso, thought leader in the events industry

Q: In episode 7 of your podcast, you talk about the power of video and video marketing. What is video marketing?

I see video marketing under the same kind of umbrella of content marketing, which is all about the value you are providing for consumers. But with videos, you have a lot higher engagement rate

Video marketing is just any kind of video, whether it be livestream, recorded videos, or produced videos. You can share this video with the world and it will provide some kind of value that helps people to realize that you’re a Rockstar at what you do.


Q: Why is video marketing useful? How is it powerful for planners?

Video marketing is really important because people’s attention spans are really short today. With social media, there is so much content out there, and, unfortunately, anything content you put out there that is text-based will probably largely get ignored. While photos get more attention than posts with just plain text, videos are even more engaging. Videos, especially live videos, show off your personality. Live videos give viewers the opportunity to participate in what you are saying. On top of all your other marketing efforts, it’s another great way to get your message out there.

For the events industry, video marketing is especially important because we are such a visual industry. I think pictures and video are a perfect way to show the kind of work that we do to our respective audiences.

One of the things I think about with any kind of content, but especially with videos, is once you’ve created it, it sells for you for the rest of your life. That piece of video is out there and it’s evergreen because you’re not talking about something today that doesn’t matter tomorrow. So the energy you put into producing videos gets a lot more life and will work for you for longer, than say a blog post which often gets lost in Google searches.


Q: How can marketers use videos to connect with others?

I think livestream videos are definitively the way to go. I just started a new livestream video series where I interview one person every week. It’s a great medium because on top of asking the person questions, people can jump in and ask their own questions and share their own feedback. Building your thought leadership is really important, but I don’t think that we should ever position ourselves as the smartest or best person in the world. We are sharing our perspectives and I think it’s very nice to allow other people to share theirs.


Q: What is your advice to people who find video marketing overwhelming?

Remember that technology has become so accessible that you can’t say you can’t do it. If you have a smartphone then you can livestream and you can record videos. People are often intimidated by video because they think they have to hire a video company and produce professional quality stuff, but one of the great things about social media is that it’s very transparent and that it’s about personal relationships. People like to see people fail, so if you shoot a video, fail, laugh at yourself and do it better next time; people like to see that journey. I think that taking people on that journey is more important for the engagement than producing a beautiful, high-quality video that no one is interacting with.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed by video marking, it’s probably because their perception is that it has to be so perfect. But the truth is that you just have to be yourself and use the technology that you already have and are familiar with. To receive engagement, you don’t need anything that fancy. And if you are over thinking it. you’re never going to do it. So just do it!


Q: Do you have tips for video marketing success for event planners?

Just think about how you engage with video. How often do you click on videos? What makes you click? What are the annoying things? You have to interact with videos enough to know what’s annoying, what’s really fun, and what works well so you can do it yourself. I think most people, when they think of doing videos, they just think of the message they want to push and not so much about the experience. But if the goal of your video is to engage your audience, then you have to be a user of it. You have to watch videos online and see what you think about them.

For example, I have noticed that when I watch live videos on Facebook I hate when they spend half the time acknowledging every single person who joins, so then I know not to spend too much time doing that. It’s nice to acknowledge your audience but not interrupt every other sentence saying “Hi” to somebody. But you don’t know that stuff unless you watched enough videos to learn what you like and what you don’t.

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