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Infographic: 5 Principles of Effective User Adoption

Ari La Vache |

GettyImages-849858958Deciding to transition from a manual event management process made up of Excel spreadsheets, ring binder folders, Outlook emails, word processing software, and external third party design studios to an innovative new event management software platform that will ensure brand consistency and messaging and provide a data rich tool to maximise lead generation, customer engagement and brand presence; is supposed to be an exciting time.

Why is it then, that six months after implementation you are still waiting on the ROI promise the event management software company guaranteed you when they pitched for the business? The answer – your users did not truly adopt the software.

Think about your implementation process for the event management software:

  • Was it fast and furious?
  • Was is slow and steady?
  • Did your people get the training and support they needed?
  • Was training focusing only on the product and how to use it?
  • Did you also include training for your managers on how to transition individual event managers and teams through the change?

A survey conducted by Sandhill and Neochange (2008) found the most important factor for realizing true value when a new software is introduced in an organisation is ensuring effective user adoption. In fact 70% of respondents reported that when the focus is on the people and not the product true value is realized.

Whether you’re considering an event management software solution, or have already implemented one but not seeing returns on your investment; there is something you can do about it. Follow these 5 Principles of Effective User Adoption to begin realizing enterprise software success and value today!

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Simple Event Management Software Migration

This Post was Written by Ari La Vache

Ari is the Training Manager for the Aventri Professional Services Team in the Asia Pacific region. An accomplished change manager and organisational performance specialist; Ari partners with Aventri clients to identify performance requirements on...

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