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#InternationalWomensDay: Honoring Women in Events

Lauren Mumford |

#internationalwomensdayOn International Women’s Day, it’s hard to not think about the events industry. While women dominate the field as planners and marketers, it’s often said that the biggest challenge for them is breaking into leadership positions, which is still largely made up by men. It’s why it’s important, especially today, to honor the women leaders around us, both inside and outside the world of events.

At Aventri, we’re proud to work alongside women at our offices around the world. Today we’d like to give a shoutout to a leader in each of our departments for the contributions they make to our organization, and for being a role model for women in our industry. 

Katheleen Roberge
Chief Revenue Officer

A three-time Stevie Award winner for Senior Sales Executive of the Year, Kathleen is our fearless sales leader who is a shining example for all Aventri employees on what dedication means. As the leader of a global sales team there is never time off for Kathleen; whether its a call at 11pm with Australia or 5am with Europe she is always ready to assist her team. Her passion goes far beyond her work as well, she is always looking for ways for her team to get together to collaborate or give back to the community.

Cheryl Brennan
Senior Director of Global Professional Services Operations

Cheryl leads one of our most well-performing and busiest team at Aventri! Much like Kathleen, there is not a day off or a project that she won’t help with. As one of her employees says, “To paraphrase Mean Girls, ‘Cheryl is not like a regular boss. She’s a cool boss.’ Her trust in our team and interest in our overall well-being have lead us to form not only working relationships but lasting friendships. I don’t think professional services would be half of what we are without her.”

Jennifer Leahy
Human Resources Director

Company culture has continually been a top priority at Aventri, and as our HR director, Jennifer has been instrumental with our initiatives in this area. From organizing internal gatherings and outings, to developing innovation challenges and even setting up monthly yoga classes at our headquarters, Jennifer and her team make Aventri a fun and inspiring place to work. This, along with creating and managing talent acquisition and developing retention strategies, makes Jennifer the heart of our global team.

Dianna Holt
Senior Product Manager

Dianna has been with Aventri since the very beginning. She initially started in sales, eventually becoming the first woman on the product team and has since worked her way up to senior product manager. You could say she’s paved the way for more inclusion on the product team, as a lot more women have joined since. As someone who has worked up the ranks, Dianna continues to be an inspiration for everyone at Aventri.

Melissa Casini
Director of Corporate Initiatives

Melissa has been the driving force behind our new customer marketing initiatives and all special projects to enhance revenue and retention. Like Kathleen, her passion also moves towards helping others with holding a board position at a local charity to help low-income families. She is someone for many of the young women at Aventri to strive to be as her determination, passion for change and leadership presence is something that is untouchable at Aventri!

Karin Wichman
Corporate Counsel

Without Karin, many of the deals that close at Aventri would not be possible! Providing legal expertise in many different areas, including sales contracts, collection issues, vendor contracts and general business matters, she has been instrumental in moving along many of the day-to-day tasks that we would not be able to function without. Not to mention, she adds great color to our social outings with her deep pool of trivia knowledge!

Laurie Holland
Director, Client Support North America

Laurie has been a dedicated part of the Aventri team for over ten years. She has grown through the company performing multiple roles, but found her true love in customer support. Laurie has worked through the ranks from support associate, regional manager to now director of US support. She is a truly respected member of the team and organization, continuing her growth and building a strong team around her, while also being a new mother. 

These are just some of the many fantastic women on the Aventri team! On International Women’s Day and every day, we celebrate them all with the promise to work together to a build a better future for women around the world.

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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

Lauren Mumford has worked at Aventri since 2015 as a content marketing associate. She manages the Aventri blog, social media promotion, the bi-weekly company newsletter, as well as writes and edits large content pieces and other marketing materials....

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