Event App ROI: Make Event Apps Pay for Themselves

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Event apps keep attendees connected 24/7 during your event. From last-minute updates, messaging features, and social media feeds, attendees can get the 411 all from one place, your mobile app. Event planners consider all the ways that they can engage attendees, but there’s one question they sometimes forget to answer: How much money can I make from this event app?

Read on to discover four ways to make your event app bring in ROI and value for your sponsors, attendees and partners.

Push Notifications
Sending attendees push notifications throughout your event is an effective way of providing visitors with relevant, branded content. Your partners won’t hesitate to open their wallets for the opportunity to send anyone a push message with an upcoming promotion or a hot new offer. To really grab an attendees’ attention, it’s a good idea to use a tool capable of personalization so that they only receive promotions that would interest them.

As an extra bonus, push notifications are not restricted to the day of the event. Usually, these apps are installed at least a number of days before the event takes place, and they don’t get deleted after. In other words: you can give your partners the possibility to connect with attendees before and after the event as well.

Conference Bags
Attendees are going to be given a load of information on the event, from speaker slides and presentation, exhibitor marketing materials, sponsor content and more. Rather than printing all your partners’ brochures, business cards and guides, go green by placing it all right into the palm of your attendees’ hands via their event mobile app. Your attendees will also appreciate not having to carry around all that extra stuff throughout your event.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and enticing logos never fail to hit home. Think about giving your partners a strategic position inside your app for them to promote their brand. The options are endless here: feature their logo on slides of live polls, run ads at the bottom of the app screen, or highlight their exhibition booth on a map of the venue. Make these images clickable to direct app users to the websites of your partners.

Another way to get visibility for your partners is to share all the pictures through an in-app photo wall.

At the finale of your event, make sure you show your partners just how valuable their investment was. Your event app should be able to report how many people took a look at a brochure, how many attendees clicked an ad, and how many times a logo was displayed. This data is not only crucial for proving event ROI to current sponsors, but can also be used to attract new ones for next year. 

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