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What Higher Ed Planners Need to Know About National College Colors Day 2019

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

national college colors dayWith summer winding down, students are moving back to their colleges and universities around the globe. To welcome students back, reignite that school spirit, and kick-off the college football season with a bang, on Friday, August 30th, 2019 National College Colors Day will take place across the country. College and University fans are encouraged to sport their school’s apparel throughout the day and share it on social media.

To help planners successfully capitalize on this marketing holiday, we’ve curated a guide to everything you need to know about College Colors Day 2019 and the event software management tools you’ll need to market your school’s colors. Check it out. 


What is College Colors Day?

College Colors

College Colors Day is a marketing-created holiday created by IMG College Licensing in 2004. to not only provide fans with the opportunity to celebrate their colleges, but also create the opportunity for schools to market themselves and sell their merchandise to fans.


What is the College Colors Day 2019 Theme?

College Colors Never Fade

This year’s theme is “College Colors Never Fade.” Unlike past College Color Day themes (Unleash Your Colors- 2018), this year’s theme focuses on involving current students and alumni.


What is the College Colors Day Hashtag?

Individual making a hashtag symbol with their fingers

The general, main College Colors Day hashtag for 2019 is #CollegeColorsDay. Other hashtags participants are using are #CollegeColors; and #CollegeColorsDay2019. We also suggest promoting your school’s hashtag (#CollegeName) and your school’s tagline (#CollegeTagline).


How can Higher Ed Planners Capitalize on College Colors Day?

College students celebrating college colors day

Since the job of higher ed planners is to engage prospective students, current students, and alumni alike, College Colors Day is an ideal opportunity for planners to evoke school pride and spirit, promote traditions, and bring the university’s community closer together.

But how can planners build engagement around this event, manage and engage with their audience on August 30th, and keep the school pride going all season long? The answer is event management software!

With an integrated event management software program, higher education planners can customize their event websites to fit their university’s colors, so students and alumni are reminded that their “college colors never fade.” In addition to your university’s colors, you can incorporate your university’s logo, tagline, videos of football games or of students and alumni singing the school song, and so much more. Even after National College Colors Day, planners can use keep using their event website by transforming it into a school spirit hub.

Planners can also utilize the mobile event app feature of an event management software platform for giveaways during the College Colors Day. Encourage your audience to post photos of themselves wearing the university’s colors and to use the holiday’s hashtags for a chance to win school swag, a bumper sticker, tickets to an upcoming football game, etc. This is an easy way to attract and involve your target audience and generate content that you can use not only on College Colors Day, but to market with all year long.

With the help of event management software technology, planners will not only successfully promote College Colors Day, but they will also continue to produce engaging events all year-long.

Are you celebrating National College Colors Day 2019? How are you celebrating? Are you using event management software? Let us know by commenting below!

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