New Mobile Check-In Feature Announced

Colleen Donnelly |

mobile-check-in-608x400.jpgThe “aha” moment of the event’s conception. The very second registration finally opens. The realization that things are finally coming together.  Event planning is full of fleeting moments that fuse together to create memorable experiences for attendees. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Making sure your attendees are engaged and fulfilled during every second of the event.

We know you crave a seamless attendee experience. Once the big day of your event has finally arrived, we don’t want anything to get in the way of your success. That’s why we developed an all new feature that will make your event even more powerful and attendees that much happier.

We’re thrilled to announce that mobile-check in is now available through the etouches platform. This functionality lets event organizers check-in and register attendees on smartphones and tables with just a few taps. Check-ins update in real time, keeping your entire team up-to-date with who has arrived. Filling out a few fields lets you instantly register new attendees on the spot, helping you expand the influence of your event.

We want you to spend your time enjoying your event vision as it translate into reality. The last thing you need is another task on your plate that’s making your life more complex. Mobile check-in will help you revel in that seamless flow of your event and get to the joy faster.

Look out for the launch of the mobile check-in feature in August! How does mobile check-in improve your event experience? Tell us in the comments!

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This Post was Written by Colleen Donnelly

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