How to Make Registration Management Easy for Colleges & Universities

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College university building Like all those who manage events, planners at today’s colleges and universities are faced with many challenges. They’re busy, are often dealing with limited resources and are overall struggling to make event planning more efficient so they can focus on more important things. Luckily, the right event management software can change the game with it comes to creating and implementing event registration in the world of higher education.

Here are just a few ways higher ed planners can utilize technology like event software to make registration set up and management a breeze behind the scenes.

Branded templates

When it comes to all the elements that are involved in event setup, you need to make sure that you have your university or college branding across all mediums. The website and registration pages for your events, social media profiles and emails should all have your school's logo and colors to help build positive expectations for your students, alumni, and more. One of the easiest ways to keep up with brand consistency is to create templates with your college or university branding, so that no matter who on your team needs to add a new webpage to your website or create a promotional email, your branding is already formatted to your preferences.

Event cloning

If you’re hosting the same events over and over again on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis, an event management software with a cloning feature will be your best friend. When you clone a regularly held event, like an open house or lecture series, all of your preferences related to registration, email messaging or the website organization will carry over. In literally one click, you can create a new event and open registration in the matter of minutes after updating simple elements like the date and time. It’s a great time saving feature for busy planners in higher education.

Accommodations/roommate pairing

Another way to enhance the registration experience for higher ed events is to incorporate hotel or room sharing options right in the registration form. For example, if you are setting up registration for orientation day, this can be where your new students can add in their preferences for housing on campus for the weekend. With room sharing options, new students can either pick their roommates or be matched up randomly. You can also think about using this function for your graduation as well. Parents can have the option to book their hotel accommodations within your system too. You can add in your hotel room block discounts or coupon codes for local hotels where your university or college has set up a deal.

Automatic reporting

If your stakeholders are constantly asking for the latest registration or financial numbers related to an event, automatic reporting is a key feature in today’s event management software. You can have the most up to date reports sent directly to your or others’ email inbox on a weekly or even daily basis. That way everyone is on the same page and you’ll know exactly how your reg numbers stack up compared to previous events or when it's time to send that extra registration reminder via email to students or alumni.

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