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The Top 4 Resolutions for Event Planners

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

New Year New Me card with a beach on backgroundMeeting and event planners, what are your new year resolutions for 2020? As the New Year begins, many people are establishing their 2020 resolutions. In fact, according to research, 50 percent of people make New Year Resolutions, but only 55 percent of those people will keep them for more than a month and 40 percent will keep their resolutions for 6 months. To help you make resolutions that you will keep throughout 2020, we’ve researched and outlined the top four best and most impactful new year’s resolutions for meeting and event planners in 2020. Check them out.

1. Revaluate Your Event Management Software Tools

Reevaluating your event management software platform yearly is an important exercise for planners to do to ensure their organization has the best software. But how do you know if your event management software platform is properly fitting your company’s needs and helping you create successful events? We have outlined eight questions your event management software platform needs to answer.

  • Does your event management software have positive G2 and Capterra reviews?
  • Does your event management software align with your company goals?
  • Does your event management software fit into your budget?
  • Does your event management software have key integrations, like CRMs, marketing automation platforms, payment processors, and more?
  • Does your event management software have customizable add-ons like a professional services team to help you build out your registration website?
  • Does your event management software platform give you customizable registration features, like on-brand registration pages and templates?
  • Does your event management software platform have data collection and easy reporting?
  • Lastly, does your event management software have a reliable customer service team? If so, how available are they? How experienced?

The answers to these questions should help you determine if you should stay with your current event management software platform or find another, better-suited platform.

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2. Host or Attend a New Event in a New City

Step out of your comfort zone this year! Form new connections by attending one of the must-attend top conferences in 2020. There are so many conferences taking place this year covering several key industries like event management, marketing, technology, FinTech, SaaS, travel, and health tech. So why not branch out of your direct industry and find an interesting event from another? You never know what you might learn.

Another way planners can try something new this year is by hosting their meeting or event in a new city or venue. Aventri has researched and curated a list of the top cities and venues in some of the most popular MICE locations like the United States, Europe, and APAC, so planners simply have to choose a top-rated city and venue.

3. Try New Digital Marketing KPIs to Measure Event Success

With 81 percent of marketers’ budgets spent on in-person events, it’s important that planners use proper metrics to measure their event’s success. But how do you measure event success? What metrics should you use? We have compiled a list of the 24 digital marketing KPIs that companies can use to measure their success.

1. Total Registrations
2. Event Check-In
3. Number of Returning Attendees
4. Visits
5. Visit Duration
6. Bounce Rate
7. Heat Maps
8. Speaker Engagement via Mobile App
9. Speaker & Session Engagement Via Live Polling
10. Gamification
11. Social Media Mentions

For the full list and descriptions of the metrics, check out our blog, "24 Essential Digital Marketing KPIs for Measuring Event Success."

4. Host A Different Type of an Event

Surprise your attendees by changing up the types of events you host. Need some inspiration? Some of the most popular  event types include:

What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2020? What do you think planners should prioritize? Tell us in the comments below!

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