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Local Restaurant Profile: Herb & Wood in San Diego

Lauren Mumford |

Herb and Wood in San Diego, CaliforniaYour event venue and location are crucial to the attendee experience. Not only do attendees love to travel to exciting destinations, but they like to experience the local sights, culture, and, of course, cuisine.

With the launch of our new guide, "The Top 100 Meeting and Event Venues in the United States," we're going to share our interviews with premiere chefs and restaurant teams from the country's most popular meeting and event cities. They'll share what makes their restaurant stand out, how their city influences their flavors, and how they can accommodate events. 

Herb & Wood

Chef Brian Malarkey, Herb & Wood

2210 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
Chef: Brian Malarkey (pictured right)
Interviewee: Bria Farrish, Event Manager

Chef Brian Malarkey's flagship venue, Herb & Wood, is located in the noteworthy gastronomic neighborhood of San Diego’s Little Italy. The team’s decade of experience working side by side has created a timeless, sought-after dining escape that incites long dinners, conversation, and culinary delight. Here to talk more about Herb & Wood is their Event Manager Bria Farrish.

Q: How is Herb and Wood unique compared to other restaurants in San Diego?

Farrish: "Herb and Wood is a timeless, exquisite dining experience that blends class with Califorian casual. Our menu is local, seasonal, and organic; everything is made in-house. Between our menu and the unique ambiance we’ve created, it really sets us apart from the crowd."

Q: What makes your menu special?

Farrish: "We really have something for everyone. We focus on simple flavors, so you won't find heavy sauces; everything's extremely light. We do a lot of wonderful seafood and take advantage of our local market, not to mention everything on the menu, from pizza dough to sauces to pasta, is homemade. Our fire-roasted oven allows us to create really fun pizzas including a gluten-free crust. And the smell is so enticing!"

Q: What’s your favorite meal or item on the menu?

Farrish: "My favorite menu item is the hamachi, which is a beautiful white fish served raw next to a deep red hibiscus ponzu sauce on the bottom with an avocado crème. It’s fantastic!"

Q: How would you describe the restaurant ambiance? What makes it welcoming?

Farrish: "I’d describe the ambiance as East Coast meets West Coast. It’s a beautiful space. It’s forward, sexy, and progressive, but beachy and laid back at the same time with gaslit lanterns, real fireplaces, and clay chandeliers. We also have a beautiful open-air patio that’s temperature controlled, providing an awesome environment for guests to enjoy their meal or a cocktail under the stars."

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the neighborhood?

Farrish: "Herb and Wood is located in Little Italy, which is an incredible neighborhood in San Diego. Every top chef has opened a restaurant here, and you won’t find a single chain in the neighborhood. There’s always something new and exciting to try."

Q: What’s your secret for keeping diners coming back?

Farrish: "Hands down the service. Our team operates like a well-oiled machine, and deliver an exceptional experience to guests day in and day out. Our amazing team is reflected in the service our guests experience."

Q: What do you like most about Herb and Wood? What makes you the proudest?

Farrish: "The incredible team that’s above me, and the organic, eclectic, menu. Another amazing aspect of Herb and Wood is our bar. All of our vodka, gin, etc, are all infused in-house. For example, we have a lavender gin, honey black pepper simple syrup, turmeric syrup, really complex, unique flavors. We send our bartenders to competitions all over the country, and our drinks reflect their expertise."

Q: How do you accommodate groups?

Farrish: "We can accommodate every size, from intimate groups of 8-20 to a 600 person reception style buyout. We really have every type of event space you could possibly want, whether you’re looking to book a more casual event to a formal affair."

Read more about what to do in San Diego and what the top venues are for meetings and events in the city by downloading our free guide below!

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