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How Does Session Tracking Help You Save Money?

Brian Friedman |

learn how event session tracking helps you save moneyBudgets are limited, but creative ways to maximize them abound. With Aventri, you can now understand where to invest your limited funds while still maintaining a high-quality attendee experience.

By identifying the performance of your sessions, you can reduce the spend on food and beverages, off-site events, and overall event length. Enlisting a technology partner like Aventri ensures more mileage for your money and more bang for your budgeting buck.

In a recent report by American Express Meetings & Events, researchers found that if given a 10% budget increase, meeting organizers would opt to invest additional funds by increasing meeting content and production. But simply spending more on content does not mean you offer better content. Organizers need a way to ensure that the money they spend gets maximum results.

Enter: Aventri.

Aventri delivers optimal functionality and value. As a cost-effective technology solution, it decodes the mystery of session attendance and helps drive event revenue through increased repeat sponsorships and registrations.

Unlike other session tracking options, Aventri removes the tedious aspect of manual tracking and extra employees. With cutting-edge wireless technology, Aventri can capture session attendance for 5-6 times more rooms than existing RFID solutions, at a comparable price. That’s right, by spending the same amount, you get 5-6 times the data in a more user-friendly format. The math can’t get any easier.

Each Aventri Hub is included free with the Aventri Smart Tags and Aventri Analytics and can effectively replace employee presence (and cost!). Consider an event of 1000 attendees with 20 session rooms. By replacing employees at the doors with Aventri Hubs, you can save $10,000 on temporary event staffing while also optimizing the overall event experience.

We can think of a thing or two to do with that extra cash, and I’m willing to bet that every event organizer worldwide can as well.

Getting antsy to start session tracking at your next event? Of course, you are. Get ready to leave behind the dark ages of event management and start capturing invaluable insights about live session metrics. Stop throwing darts, guessing about which sessions your attendees actually enjoy. Enlist the help of Aventri and know for certain.

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This Post was Written by Brian Friedman

Brian was formerly the VP of Digital Innovation at Aventri.

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