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Should You Invest in a Mobile App for Your Event?

Samantha Almonte |

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 One of the most important responsibilities of an event planner is to come up with ways to increase attendee engagement at events. Whether it’s creating a onsite registration process or introducing valuable networks to your event, an attendee wants to get the most value out of attending your event. An effective way to keep your attendees interacting is by providing a mobile app that offers helpful features such as info on speakers and sessions, floor plans and photo sharing.

However, not every type of event suggests that you invest in a mobile app. Whether you should invest in a mobile app for your event depends on several factors:

Type of Event

Certain events will require a higher level of engagement between attendees, such as a conference or expo. A seminar where attendees are only listening to information might not need a mobile app to increase interaction.



How old are most of your attendees? If most of them are at an age where they’re known to be tech-savvy and social media enthusiasts, a mobile app might be a good idea. If your attendees are at an age where they didn’t grow up with technology, you might consider sticking to traditional methods of engagement including brochures and business cards.

Number of Attendees

How many attendees are expected at your event? If you’re expecting a large crowd where verbal communication might not be possible, consider investing in a mobile app to keep all your attendees updated on schedules and other event info via alerts and push notifications.

Number of Sessions

If you plan to have multiple sessions at your event, a mobile app may help manage and organize all session information in one place, making it easy for attendees to find the ones they most want to attend.

Purpose of Event

What are you trying to get out of your event? Do you want to generate leads? Are you trying to collect data? Determining the purpose of your event can help decide if a mobile app is necessary, as it can serve as a way to collect valuable event metrics.

Should you invest in a mobile app for your event? Take our quiz to find out!

Did you take our quiz to find out if you should invest in a mobile app for your event? What were your results? Share in the comments below!

Mobile Apps to Increase Event ROI

This Post was Written by Samantha Almonte

Samantha is a Digital Planning Assistant at MediaCom.

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