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Social Media Engagement 101: Tips on creating a powerful community

Michelle Bergstein- Fontanez |

Social media engagement 101 for event planners Content may be king but engagement reigns supreme. They don't call social media “social” for nothing.


Your company and your team has stayed on top of creating great content this past year, you've built an amazing portfolio of content including tips, tricks, engaging visuals and educational advice for your customers - now what?

It's time to reciprocate the love...and “engage.”

Remember, social conversations work two ways - just like the saying “love is a two-way street,” you’ve got to give to receive.

YES, you may be talking on social media and posting away, but when someone responds to your comment, what are you doing? Are you responding back? How quickly are you responding back?

These two questions are the cornerstone to social media engagement. You may ask, Is there a rule on how quickly you respond back? or Is there a rule of thumb to get more people active and talking about you on your social networks?

Rule #1: Respond immediately. Be consistent.

We live in an immediate-response society. With smartphones attached to people’s hips, when someone messages you or comments on your post they expect an immediate answer. Don’t delay – it may cost you a customer and maybe even a raving fan.  Immediate responses are key, but consistency and maintaining these immediate responses yesterday, today and tomorrow are crucial.

Rule #2: Every social network is different

Yes, Facebook differs from Twitter and Twitter from Pinterest, yet they all share a lot of the same best practices. Think of your social network community as one gigantic  networking event.

Just like an in-person event, if you're not out there giving out your business information and connecting while being extremely charismatic, you are really NOT engaging effectively.

Rule #3: Make sure you have something interesting to say

Unless you are posting interesting and engaging things, it’s just like that networker – if you do not have anything interesting to contribute to the conversation, people are not going to want to talk to you. You become noise and people will tune you out.

Rule #4: Content is king, make the most of it. Share and care

You know this social media rule, everyone does: stop selling, start sharing and storytelling. In other words, if you're just telling people who you are, what you do, and approaching it in a very sales-y way, say goodbye to engagement. Be valuable to the community.

Whether you share an amazing article or a great trend, giving valuable information to people works wonders. If you tag, engage users and are social, they're going to notice and start talking to you in return. Eventually, you might even hit the top and be considered an influencer. Being an influencer is like being at the top of a mountain and that's where you want to be.

Are you ready to start engaging with people in the socialsphere?!  Let’s get started with a little 101 on how to engage on each network:

Social Media Engagement 101 Infographic

Finally, the most important thing about engagement is consistency. In order to be engaging, you need to do it regularly and do it often.

How are you engaging with your network successfully? What works with your audience? We want to hear from you!


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Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez - Marketing Maven and Social Media Specialist at Event Industry Marketing by BeatCreative

Michelle lives, eats and breathes marketing for the event and meeting industries. Known as the "Event Marketing Maven" and a consummate social media/ online marketing enthusiast. Her innate ability lies in helping companies create an online presence through smart and engaging marketing strategy. Her company's client portfolio includes many influential event planners, suppliers, and small businesses in Central Florida and beyond. With an intensive 10 + year background in advertising, marketing and communications, she brings innovative design and savvy marketing approach to all her client projects. As a national speaker and educator on social media for event businesses and at events, Michelle is passionate about lending her expertise in contributing to international blogs, renown local and national publications. She has been featured in Fast Company, Crains New York Business, Special Event Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly, and BizBash.


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This Post was Written by Michelle Bergstein- Fontanez

Michelle lives, eats and breathes marketing for the event and meeting industries. Known as the “Event Marketing Maven” and a consummate social media/ online marketing enthusiast. Her innate ability lies in helping companies create an online presence...

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