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Tech Tuesday: 13 Travel Gadgets Under $50 You Need in 2019

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

travel gadgetsWhether you’re a meeting or event professional, a business professional, or someone who just likes to travels a lot, you know traveling can be messy and unpredictable. But, with the help of some innovative technology gadgets, traveling doesn’t have to be so hard.

After researching the most essential travel gadgets in 2019 we have curated this list. Check out the top 13 travel gadgets under $50 that will help make traveling easier.

Best Travel Gadgets 2019 Under $50

1. Portable Wi-Fi Router

Hotel and airport Wi-Fi aren’t always the best, and if you need to get work done or simply want to stay connected while you’re away, then you should think about buying a portable Wi-Fi router. Ideal for extending 4G Wi-Fi to phones and computers, the MOOUS pocket-sized router allows up to ten people to work on your Wi-Fi. The MOOUS Wi-Fi router can support all Wi-Fi devices and has a long battery life, so you can stay connected on the go.

Portable Wi-Fi Router

Photo Credit: Amazon

2. Wireless Pocket Phone Charger

Compatible with all phones, this 3.52-ounce pocket-sized charger is a life saver for anyone on the go. Not only does the wireless battery charge your phones, Kindle, Bluetooth accessories, and more, it also can charge two devices when plugged in! With a one-year warranty and priced only at $15.99, who wouldn’t want this charger?

Wireless Pocket Phone Charger

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. Scannable

If you’re traveling for business or just need to keep track of your receipts, then Evernote’s Scannable is a must for you! This free application available for iOS users allows you to take high-quality scans of receipt’s or other important information, like business cards, and share that information with others. You don’t have to use Evernote to download and use this application.

Evernote’s Scannable

Photo Credit: Evernote

4. Reyleo Smart Luggage

Are you looking for a sturdy, affordable carry-on luggage? Then look no further! The Reyleo 20-inch carry-on luggage, which weighs 5.5 pounds, comes equipped with a TSA lock, two external USB charging ports, and 360-degree rotating wheels. If that wasn’t enough, the Smart carry-on is waterproof and is scratch resistant.

Reyleo Smart Luggage

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Portable Espresso Machine

If you’re like most people and can’t live without your coffee, then this mini espresso machine is for you. Weighing 0.8 ounces, the Wacao Minipresso was designed to be the smallest and lightest handheld espresso machine in the world. The Minipresso does not rely on electricity to operate, instead, it just requires a few pushes to create bold espresso. Thanks to this little coffee bullet, you can enjoy quality coffee anywhere you go!

Wacao Minipresso

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you’re looking to block out the noise to concentrate on work, enjoy a movie, or catch some sleep on the plane, then you need MindBeast’s Super Bass headphones. These noise-canceling headphones reduce 90 percent of background noise and are equipped with a microphone, so you can take phone calls. Priced only at $18.99 on Amazon, these headphones are compatible with Apple, Sony, and Samsun products.

MindBeast’s Super Bass noice canceling headphones

Photo Credit: Amazon

7. Anker Power Bank

Anker’s power bank is a must-have for any traveler. Known as being one of the lightest and slimmest power banks, the Anker holds two-and-a-half chargers for an iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone X, or a Galaxy S9. The Anker also offers an 18-month worry-free warranty, customer service, and is only $33.99 on Amazon!

Anker Power Bank

Photo Credit: Amazon

8. WonderCube

Have you ever needed a memory card for your phone on the go? What about a phone stand? Or a charger? This one-inch keychain cube has all of these features and more! The WonderCube features 8-in-1 essential mobile features like a memory card, a phone stand, a built-in cable, a charger and an emergency charge, an OTG USB, syncing capabilities, and an LED torch. With so many features in such a tiny cube, you’ll never have to carry tons of cables and accessories again.

WonderCubePhoto Credit: RubiShops

9. Steamfast

Need to look presentable on-the-go? This travel-sized steamer and iron has you covered. The Steamfast heats up in 15 seconds, has three temperature settings for fabric types, a 7.5-foot power cord, and dual voltage convivence, so you can use your iron anywhere in the world.


Photo Credit: Amazon

10. All-In-One Travel Adapter

Stay plugged all over the world with this all-in-one travel adapter! The upgraded universal travel adapter by Castries has four USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Not only does the Castries adapter let you charge your devices in over 200 countries, but it also comes equipped with an intelligent chip that recognizes the device charging and maximizes the current, so your device charges quickly.

Castries all in one travel adapter

Photo Credit: Amazon

11. Luggage Scale

If you’re flying, you want to ensure you don’t go over the weight limit and paying the associated fees. To avoid this, Etekcity has created a digital hanging scale. This 4.8-ounce hanging scale allows you to weight bags up to 110 pounds, so you’ll never have to pay another overweight bag fee again!

Etekcity luggage scale

Photo Credit: Amazon

12. FlightAware

Do you always travel on one airline? Most people don’t and downloading individual airline apps just to track your flight can be annoying. That’s where FlightAware comes in. FlightAware is a free app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices, that allows you to track flight status in real-time. You can also enable push notifications for gate changes, delays, cancellations, and other flight information.


Photo Credit: Flight Aware

13. iTenknic Multiport Adaptor Hub

Rated number one on Amazon’s New Computer Networking Hub releases, the iTeknic multiport adapter hub allows you to connect up to six USB plugs to your computer, so you can connect multiple devices simultaneously. The iTeknic hub is compatible with MacBook Pro’s, Chromebook, XPS, Galaxy devices, in addition to other devices, and comes with lifetime customer service assistance.

iTenknic Multiport Adaptor Hub

Photo Credit: Amazon


Do you use any of these travel gadgets? What’s your favorite gadget? Let us know by commenting below!

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