Tech Tuesday: 4 Ways Mobile Event Apps Are Invaluable for Planners

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value in appsMobile events apps have become a must for meeting and event professionals to incorporate into their events. Why? Because mobile event apps not only help engage and satisfy attendee needs, but also brings added value to your sponsors, speakers, and you.

With the ability to drive engagement, support networking, collect important insights and make you money, all while increasing the ROI of your event, no wonder why event mobile apps have become a must.

Learn how mobile event apps can provide value not only for you but for your attendees.

4 Ways Mobile Event Apps Prove Their Value


1. Drive Attendee Engagement & Satisfaction

attendee satisfaction

With a mobile event app, you can gamify your app to engage attendees and drive event satisfaction.

To drive attendee engagement during your event, implement live-polling and receive real-time feedback from attendees. Not only can you use live-polling feedback to make real-time changes to your sessions and presentations, providing feedback helps attendees feel involved in your event and valued.

Another way to gamify your mobile event app to drive attendee satisfaction during your event is by holding a photo-sharing contest. Challenge attendees to take photos of your event and post them to your app. Other attendees can comment and like the posts, and the photo with the most likes can win a prize or receive a shout out on one of your social media accounts.

Using gamification to drive attendee engagement and satisfaction through your mobile event app can be fun and will help you build a longer-term relationship with your attendees.

2. Support Networking


Mobile event apps are not just about agendas and polling attendees, event apps can help users’ networking and form meaningful connections with their peers and speakers.

Users can use the app’s “like-minded” or “matchmaking” feature to discover attendees with similar interests. The app allows your attendees to message each other to arrange a time to meet-up at the event. Offering users this feature will allow them to connect more efficiently, even before your event begins.

In addition, with the integration of event management software, like RFID, Bluetooth, near-field, users can exchange contact information electronically, without the hassle of remembering names or keeping track of business cards. With an integrated platform, this information will then be transferred onto the user’s mobile event app for immediate access.

Promoting networking among attendees with help them build valuable connections with others and your brand.

3. Gain Valuable Insights


On top of all a mobile event app can do, it also collects value insights you can analyze during or after your event to make real-time changes and improve future events. Data collected from attendee’s speaker and session ratings, surveys, and live polling, can be analyzed to determine your event ROI.

In addition to attendee feedback, your mobile event app also collects app usage information like the number of QR codes scanned, the number of times the app was used, the number of notes taken in the app, etc., which can also be used to determine your event ROI, particularly how your mobile event app helped your event performance.

Your mobile event app can help you track certain parameters to help provide you with a quantified measure of your event ROI, while also providing you with valuable information you can use to improve future events.

4. Monetize Your Event App


Did you know you can make your mobile event app pay for itself? Utilize the push notifications in your app and sell sponsors the opportunity to send personalized push notifications to your users. Your sponsors could advertise their content, inform users of an upcoming promotion or product release, and more.

You can also sell sponsors a spot to feature their logo in your mobile event app. Add a sponsors’ logo on the side of a live poll, banner ads, and more. The possibilities for incorporating your sponsor’s logos in your mobile event app are really endless.

Since users use our mobile event app before, during, and after your event, you can sell your sponsors the opportunity to connect with your users at all stages of the event lifecycle.


What do you think of our four ways mobile event apps can provide you value? How do mobile event apps provide value to you? Let us know by commenting below!

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