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Tech Tuesday: 5 Event Tech Products That Increase Engagement

Kaitlyn Tatulli |
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Planners are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage with their attendees and make their lives a little less chaotic at events. Well look no further! We have curated a list of five products to use at your next event that will attract and excite attendees. From making networking easy and organized, to keeping attendees hooked on the words of your keynote speaker, the technologies listed below are simple to implement but will create a big impact while onsite and beyond!

1. NFC-Enabled Badges for a Seamless Attendee Experience

While there are several badging options to choose from these days,  NFC-enabled badges can make the event experience a seamless and high-tech one, for attendees and organizers alike. Instead of scanning a traditional barcode or QR code,NFC allows data to be exchanged just by holding a badge close to another device. This can help not only save time and streamline processes like check-in, session tracking (both active and passive) and lead retrieval, but it can power other exciting badge features, like digital wallets, swag distribution, and more. Overall, these badges can hold 30x more information than QR code badges, allowing everyone at the event to gather more information on each attendee.

2. Mobile Apps - Your Attendees’ Personal Pocket Planner

It’s no secret that people’s lives run on their smartphones, so creating a mobile app for your event is a no brainer. Some apps allow planners to individually design and publish their own mobile apps to fit their event or brand identity, while including all the robust features today’s attendees want. This includes building their event agendas, scheduling one-on-one meetings, private messaging, and so much more. At the same time, planners can get detailed insights on event performance or event ROI, and increase revenue through banner ads, premium listings, and sponsored push notifications. When used alongside a complete event management solution, your event data and information, like sessions and speakers, will be automatically synced to the app, making app management easy.

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3. Polling Technology to Make Your Attendees Part of Your Story

Do you want to increase attendee attentiveness at your next event? How about their level of investment? Adding real-time response technology, like live polling, to your event's presentations can increase attendee engagement and, more importantly, make them feel like part of your event’s story. Live polling also provides crucial audience feedback information that can be used to better predict attendee expectations and preferences.

There are many mobile polling devices, apps, and plug-ins that can be used to live poll your audience. Poll Everywhere is an audience response add-in feature in PowerPoint and Google Slides. Participants can use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to access the poll by visiting a website, texting a number, or logging onto Twitter.

Today's event management software also has live polling technology built into mobile apps. During an event, you can activate polls for participants to answer on event app in every session and the results can be seen in real-time in the session rooms.

4. Live Streaming to Reach a Wider Audience

No matter how well you plan an event, some people are bound to be unable to attend. Instead of losing them as potential clients, you can live stream parts or all of your event. Live streaming is an easy way to reach a wider audience and increase your brand or event’s authenticity and ROI. And let’s face it, people love video!

There are many networks that allow you to live stream your event. Perhaps the easiest and one of the most popular programs is Facebook Live. You can go live from the event via its Facebook page and everyone following the page will be able to see the live stream. All you have to do is select “Create Live Stream” to begin. As you are streaming, you can invite friends or followers to watch by tapping the “invite” button.

Your audience will also be able to react in real-time. They can ask questions or react with emojis in the Live Reaction section. After the streaming is over, your followers can watch the recording again on your Facebook page. Unlike other live streaming networks, like Periscope, the video never disappears (unless the page manager chooses to delete the video).

5. Interactive Touchscreen Technology – Make Any Event Engaging

Harnessing the interest of your audience can be tough, especially when your event or product are not organically interactive. Thanks to touchscreen technology you can now make any event interactive. For example, you can set up touchscreen kiosks, like Giant iTab, to exhibit your company’s product, your website, and even to demonstrate apps. Touchscreen kiosks are also a great way to run individual or group demos.

Another form of touchscreen technology are video walls. Touchscreen video walls are essentially large monitors that can stream your PowerPoint or any other content you want displayed. The walls can feature charts and graphs that attendees can zoom in and out of, or surveys that attendees can answer. By introducing touchscreen technology to your next event, you can engage your attendees by allowing them to get up close and personal with your product and develop a greater understanding of your brand.

This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for relevance and clarity.

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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